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Celebrating Diversity


Many of us at AFA feel that our Colleagues are like a big family. As a family, we work together to serve our Customers during their time of need. It takes all of us, and all of our different backgrounds and experiences, to make the AFA world go round. We all bring additional strengths and experiences to the workplace. This year, we plan to celebrate some of the things that make us different and that help each of us bring different strengths to our roles in helping Customers and each other.

We may be based in Oklahoma City, but we have team members from all over the world – India, Spain, Croatia and Colombia to name just a few. As we go through the year, we plan to highlight some of the different cultures that are represented at American Fidelity and learn more about each other.

Below are some of the preliminary plans we have for the year.

  • February – Black History Month.
  • May – Asian-Pacific Heritage Month
  • June – Native American History
  • Sept. 15-Oc.15 – Hispanic Heritage Month

This week, our Colleagues are providing us with feedback on what kind of activities and educational opportunities they want us to provide. What would you suggest?

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