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New Hires at AF 8/25/16

August 25, 2016 10:48 AM

18 new faces have joined the ranks of American Fidelity over the past month! Nine of these Colleagues are working in the field, two are IT interns and the others are full-time members of our Home Office team. Welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Meredith Baysinger: Customer Engagement
  • Larry Davis: Sales
  • John Fickert (intern): ISD Services
  • Danielle Golmoradi: Benefits
  • Lisa Gorman: Sales
  • Jimmy Green: Sales
  • Brenden Kelley: Sales
  • Natasha Knight: Sales
  • Anthony Magallanes: Sales
  • Wyndham Murray: Sales
  • Daniel Payne: Compliance
  • Steven Payne: ISD Services
  • Lucero Quintero: Sales
  • Kyle Taperla (intern): ISD Services
  • Dawn Thiry: Customer Engagement
  • Michelle Vance: Annuities
  • Deepak Verma: ISD Services
  • Brady Watkins: Sales


Check out American Fidelity’s job openings, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AF. If you have questions about our job openings, let us know in the comments!


New Hires at AF 7-29-16

July 29, 2016 09:16 AM

During the past month we’ve added 25 new Colleagues to our American Fidelity team! Our field sales team has 11 new faces, while the Home Office has welcomed 14. Help me welcome our new Colleagues below.

  • Stacy Barnes: Sales
  • Amin Bharwani: Online Enrollment
  • Hannah Burgess: Enrollment Solutions
  • Audra Bussard: Sales
  • Jason Carver: Sales
  • Alberto Chuman: Sales
  • Lena Daniels: Enrollment Solutions
  • Mike Dustin: Sales
  • Matt Eidson: Tax Accounting
  • Carrie Griggs: Enrollment Solutions
  • Mary Hortin: Sales
  • Felicia Hunter: Customer Engagement
  • Carson James (intern): Internal Audit
  • Nikki Lipcaman: Customer Engagement
  • Ricky Lutz (intern): Consulting
  • Tina McArthur: Benefits
  • Brian Miller: ISD Services
  • Dani Mione: Benefits
  • Stacy Montgomery: Sales
  • Matt Murray: Sales
  • Chantel Perez: Sales
  • Sophie Poor: Account Administration
  • Stephanie Rannings: Sales
  • Allen Scott: Sales
  • Deepak Verma: ISD Services

Be sure to check out our job openings, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AF. If you have questions about our job openings, let us know in the comments.

New Hires at AF March 2016

March 28, 2016 04:20 AM

AF_NEW LOGO_600x210American Fidelity has hired 24 new Colleagues over the past month! We have six new field sales Colleagues and the other new hires joined around the Company at our Home Office. Welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Susan Abeln: Consulting
  • Caitlin Baxley: Sales
  • Kory Bergman: Customer Engagement
  • Victoria Brown: Benefits
  • Susan DeFord: Sales
  • Tonya Edmunds: Enrollment Solutions
  • Charles Fisher: ISD Services
  • Lexie Gatlin: Benefits
  • Kristyn Hallowell: Sales
  • Bonnie Hilburn: AFP Management
  • Jennifer Hurry: Enrollment Solutions
  • Jeffrey Lovern: Risk Management
  • Kylie Maberry: Benefits
  • Meredith McCaslin: Fleet
  • Mundi Nelson: Sales
  • Kurt Novak: Sales
  • Mel Phillips: Customer Engagement
  • Leroy Record: Customer Engagement
  • Sarah Riffle: ISD Services
  • Vanette Ritchards: Tax Accounting
  • Paul Rodgers: Enrollment Solutions
  • John Stultz: Consulting
  • Wendy Waring: Sales
  • Amber Wilbanks: Customer Engagement

Be sure to check out our Home Office job openings and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process.

AF New Hires

January 29, 2016 05:32 AM

Kimberly B., Recruiting Specialist Kimberly B., Recruiting Specialist

Our recruiters have kicked off 2016 hiring 12 new Colleagues for our AF team. Help me welcome our newest Colleagues!

  • Kait Brown: Customer Engagement
  • Chelsea Cobb: Customer Engagement
  • Cato Ellis: ISD Services
  • Karen Hassett: Sales
  • Ashlee Johnson: Customer Engagement
  • Sedgha Khorsandnia: Billing
  • Zech Lee: Benefits
  • David McNair-Ajzenman: Sales
  • Brian Overman: Internal Audit
  • Jackie Scott: Customer Engagement
  • Richard Tran: Benefits
  • Dean Witten: Benefits

Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions, join our Talent Network and learn about our hiring process.

New Hires at AF (1)

November 30, 2015 01:36 AM

American Fidelity Values When things get busy around the holidays, you might think that not as many people are job searching and not as many jobs are actually open. While that may be true to some extent, American Fidelity is still hiring; in the past month we’ve added 23 Colleagues to our team. Of those 23, seven are working in Sales while the other 16 Colleagues are at our Home Office. Just in the past month we’ve hired five Colleagues to work on our Benefits team. Learn about working in Benefits at American Fidelity from our own Colleagues. Welcome our new team members!

  • Elizabeth Bernal: Benefits
  • Kent Borgman: Sales
  • Anthony Clark: ISD Services
  • Brian Eacret: Sales
  • Luke Ennis: Customer Engagement
  • Clay Farless: Sales
  • Daniel Gonzalez: Customer Engagement
  • Monica Hayes: Benefits
  • Sarah Himes: Benefits
  • Erin Kreisler: Billing
  • Taiye Lawrence (intern): ISD Services
  • Justin Lewis: Sales
  • Sheleka Luper: Imaging
  • Jennifer Meinke: Billing
  • Amyia Perkins: Benefits
  • Jon Price: Sales
  • Katy Sharber: Special Services
  • Susan Sharp: Benefits
  • David Smith: ISD Services
  • David Thurston: Sales
  • Dylan Tollett: Consulting
  • Jeremy Trenary: Sales
  • Riley Young (intern): Customer Engagement

Check out American Fidelity’s OKC job openings and our field sales positions today. Learn about our hiring process and share our openings with your network!

New Hires at AF

October 22, 2015 03:00 AM

Jamie O., Workforce Development Jamie O., Workforce Development[/caption] Over the past month 20 new faces have joined us at American Fidelity. American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES) hired four new account managers and two senior account managers while the Association Worksite Division (AWD) has one new account manager. At the Home Office in Oklahoma City, we have 13 new Colleagues. Welcome our new Colleagues with a comment!

  • Gilley Aguilar: Creative Services
  • Megan Clifford: Enterprise Data
  • Burlon Glover: Sales
  • Oma Haidarzada: Sales
  • Stephen Hartman: Project Development
  • Jennifer Herron: Internal Audit
  • David Hurte: Mail
  • Janelle Kiefer: Sales
  • Nicolette Lunkenheimer: Sales Convention
  • Daniel Maloney: FMS
  • Lori Masterson: Domestic Joint Ventures
  • Jacob Medlock: Sales
  • Donna Miller: Law
  • Helen Nicholson: Law
  • Vladislav Portniaguine: FMS
  • Laura Roberto: Sales
  • Bree Russow: Sales
  • Patricia Salce: Sales
  • Taycee Seibold: Investments
  • Standlee Yost: Sales

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American Fidelity New Hires (2)

September 24, 2015 03:37 AM

Tommy C., Client Services Tommy C., Client Services[/caption] So far throughout the month of September our recruiters have hired for 24 open positions! We have six new interns and six full-time Colleagues at our Home Office and 12 new field Colleagues across the nation. Welcome our newest team members!

  • Akash Bangalore Krishnamurthy (intern): ISD Services
  • Mark Boggess: Sales
  • Bryce Burget: Sales
  • Christa Cherian (intern): Talent Management
  • Sahreen Daudani: Online Enrollment
  • Devin Fischer: Benefits
  • Porsha Gordon: Sales
  • Gabriel Hemphill: Sales
  • Brittany Keppinger (intern): Benefits
  • Sarah Lanier (intern): Law
  • Michael McCollough: Sales
  • Dexter Nelson II (intern): Corporate Management
  • Laura Perez: Benefits
  • Earl Premont (intern): ISD Services
  • Brent Rempe: Sales
  • Amanda Robbins-Green: Sales
  • Miranda Sisney: Benefits
  • Ashley Stephens: Strategic Services
  • Ann Summers: Sales
  • Michael Wasle: Sales
  • Megan Whan: Sales
  • Gabrielle Willis: Benefits
  • Jennifer Young: Sales
  • Marine Zadourian: Sales

We are currently hiring nine Customer Service reps and five benefits adjusters. Learn about a day in the life of a benefits adjuster and a Customer service Colleague. If you’d like to join our team, be sure to check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions.

New Hires at AFA (3)

August 27, 2015 03:09 AM

American Fidelity Values In the past month we have hired 26 new Colleagues and a large number of those are field Colleagues. Two of those have joined our Associate Worksite Division (AWD) and 15 are part of American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES). The nine other new hires are working at our Home Office in Oklahoma City. Help me welcome our new hires by commenting!

  • Stephen Anthis: Sales
  • Christopher Bentley: Sales
  • Adam Bramble: Sales
  • Erin Carroll (intern): ISD Services
  • Michael Christensen: Sales
  • Jeannine Daugherty: Sales
  • Amy Durham: Sales
  • Aimee Freeman: ISD Services
  • Lisa Fry: Life Operations
  • Sarah Gauthier: Sales
  • Cassandra Good: ISD Project Management
  • Jeffrey Hammond: Sales
  • Anthony Hilaire: Sales
  • Scott Jones: Sales
  • Nathan Juarez: ISD Services
  • Candra McQueen: Customer Service
  • Elvia Ortiz: Benefits
  • Zachary Parr: Sales
  • Jason Rosenberg: Sales
  • Rock Scholten: Sales
  • Brenda Scott: Sales
  • Douglas Smitherman: Sales
  • Michael Stradford: Sales
  • James Thornton: ISD Services
  • Kimberly Walker: Sales
  • Jaime Worden: Benefits

Check out a day in the life of an account rep. Interested in joining one of our field teams? Look through our field sales openings and apply. Not what you’re looking for? Be sure to check out our OKC positions and learn about our hiring process.

36 New Faces at AFA

July 24, 2015 05:17 AM

career_fair It’s been another busy hiring month for American Fidelity recruiters – both at our Home Office and in the field. We have hired 20 new field Colleagues and 16 Home Office Colleagues. Five of our Home Office new hires have joined Customer Service teams at AFA. Our Customer Service Colleagues assist Customers with their supplemental benefits including disability, accident and cancer insurance and Section 125 plans. Team members assist Customers with filing claims, checking account statuses and answer questions about their accounts. They may also process billings and payments, balance accounts, make daily deposits, audit receipts and adjudicate claims. Learn more about a day in the life of Colleagues on our Customer Service team. Help me welcome our new hires by commenting!

  • Cody Adams: Sales
  • Garrick Alden: Sales
  • Stephanie Apodaca: Sales
  • Sean Barkley: Sales
  • Catrinia Barnes: Claims
  • Roger Bradley: ISD Services
  • Karen Brown: Sales
  • Jodilyn Burnett: Sales
  • Bradley Burris: Group Product Management
  • Nicholas De Lorie: Sales
  • Shawn Fleming: Sales
  • Anthony Fournier: ISD Project Management
  • Angela Harrison: Sales
  • Khristofer Harrison: Strategic Services
  • Jorge Hernandez: Life Operations
  • Lori Hubler: Sales
  • Colin Hutchins: ISD Services
  • Frejia Jackson: Customer Service
  • Maria Johnson: Customer Service
  • George Kimble: Sales
  • Heather Mandry: Sales
  • Brandy Mercado: Customer Service
  • George Nelson: ISD Services
  • William Ogar: Sales
  • Lucas Pickelheimer: Sales
  • Justin Roberts: Sales
  • Brooke Robinson: Life Operations
  • Samantha Robinson: Customer Service
  • Michelle Rodriguez: Sales
  • Allysia Smith: Benefits
  • Micha Smith: Benefits
  • Matthew Speegle: Sales
  • Danielle Strain: Sales
  • Ashley Wetmore: Sales
  • Jessica Worley: Sales
  • Alexis Wort: Benefits

We have openings for Customer Service reps and adjusters. Learn more and apply for a position or share with your friends. &

38 New Faces at AFA

June 26, 2015 03:49 AM
American Fidelity Values Each month it seems we talk about how busy we’ve been recruiting the best of the best to join our AFA team, and this month is no different. In fact, the past month has been one of our biggest hiring months this year. We added 38 new faces to our team. We’ve hired 20 new Colleagues on our field sales teams and 18 Colleagues at our Home Office in Oklahoma City. Help me welcome our new hires by commenting!
  • Jason Aker: Sales
  • Torrey Attyah (intern): Marketing
  • Matthew Cobb: Sales
  • Jeremey Davis (intern): Marketing
  • Susanne Fabian: Financial Management Services
  • Kayleen Flom: Benefits
  • Kaleena Gonzalez: Sales
  • Kelli Goode (intern): ISD
  • Jeffrey Gray: Sales
  • Eunice Gutierrez: Sales
  • Katherine Hamilton: Sales
  • Johnathan Henson: ISD
  • Craig Hill: Sales
  • Jay Johnson (intern): Software Quality
  • Elaine Karamanos: Sales
  • Angela Kipper: Sales
  • Audrey Leonhardt: Sales
  • Paul Lloyd: Risk Management
  • Wendy Luffman: Sales
  • Sean Mackin: Sales
  • Keia Marshall: Total Rewards
  • Maximillian Mayerhofer: Sales
  • Jason McCracken: ISD
  • Sandra Morgan (intern): ISD
  • Ryan Moser (intern): Law
  • Andrea Prather: Cobra Special Services
  • William Rhoades: Sales
  • Constance Rist: Sales
  • Kristi Rubi: Sales
  • Charles Shambry Jr.: Sales
  • Jennifer Sotlar: Sales
  • Jaycee Stearman: Benefits
  • Melany Tacandong: Benefits
  • Heather Taylor: Annuity Services
  • Abygail Thompson (intern): Benefits
  • Tracy Ward: Sales
  • Jeffrey Weinstein: Sales
  • Kaitlyn Worner: Group Product Management
We are always hiring! Check out our Home Office openings in OKC and our field sales positions across the country. Be sure to learn about our hiring process and submit any questions you may have for us. We will answer in an upcoming Ask a Recruiter post.