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Wellness Events Also Give Back

April 6, 2016 05:18 AM

HeartWalk16 Our Colleagues enjoy participating in community wellness activities. And when those activities also have a charitable aspect, the appeal is even stronger!

This weekend, Colleagues will participate in two separate activities that promote both: The Redbud Classic and the Heart Walk.

Colleagues have been forming a team to support the Oklahoma City Heart Walk for several years. This year’s event is Saturday. Funds raised will help support the American Heart Association’s mission to raise awareness of the dangers of heart disease, to change behaviors that impact heart disease and to fund research for treatment options.

Each year, a grassroots team of Colleagues dedicated to the cause spearheads the efforts. A new T-shirt design is created and offered for sale with all proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

The event includes a 5K walk as well as activities to encourage kids to get up and get moving.

The Redbud Classic is a two-day event on Saturday and Sunday. It includes cycling, a 10K run, a 5K run, a wheelchair race and a kids’ fun run. The event culminates with the Redbud Bash.

In addition to promoting physical activity in a fun environment, proceeds from Redbud entry fees are donated to a different charity each year.This year’s recipient is Pepper’s Ranch, an organization dedicated to supporting short-term foster care solutions that strive to keep siblings together.

Do you participate in events that combine wellness and charitable goals? Tell us about it in the comments!

Colleagues Go Bald for Childhood Cancer Research 2016

April 4, 2016 07:47 AM

St_Baldricks_Before Today, nine American Fidelity Colleagues are showing off their newly shaved heads after helping the St. Baldrick’s Foundation raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

Colleagues have participated in the event for the last several years. This year, the team features nine Colleagues, mostly from the Information Systems Division, who joined the Brethren of Bald team. Together, they’ve raised more than $7,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

The team members allowed their heads to be shaved on Sunday after collecting donations from fellow Colleagues, family members and friends. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has funded more than $178 million in research grants in an effort to find treatments and cures for different types of childhood cancer.

According to the organization, more than 175,000 children are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year, and more children die from the disease than all other diseases combined.

The Oklahoma City shaving event is one of hundreds planned nationwide in 2016. Colleague Aaron Stockton served as this year’s Brethren of Bald team captain. He has been shaving his head for the cause for several years. This year’s lone female team member is Brooke Boevers, who is a team leader in our benefits department. Other team members are Steve Gaither, Brian Whitley, John Spaid, Joseph Peters, Anthony Andrews, Lou Harmon and George Nelson. St_Baldricks_After “The event is to help raise awareness and money for underfunded children’s cancer research,” Aaron said. “These grants also help researchers find less invasive and more successful treatments against childhood cancer.”

In addition to taking donations, the team also sold a Brethren of Bald T-shirt, with proceeds going to the cause.

Would you shave your head to help raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research?

Celebrating the Holidays with our Partner School

December 9, 2015 05:22 AM

Buchanan Tutor and Student The Christmas season is special for children everywhere, and our American Fidelity Colleagues love to share the holiday with kids at our partner school, Buchanan Elementary! Each year, our tutors spend their last session before the holidays sharing a gift with the kids. This year, stockings for the students include candy, toys, a tree ornament and more. This week is the last week our tutors will spend with students before the winter break. This semester, about 30 Colleagues have spent 30 minutes each week working with students to help them improve their grades, complete their work and master skills. Whether it’s reading out loud, working on multiplication tables or quizzing the students on spelling words, our Colleagues are showing these students that we care about their success in school. In addition to tutoring students each week, American Fidelity is helping the school in other ways. Last month, Buchanan hosted a math, science and literacy evening for students and their parents. Our Company provided books for each pre-kindergarten and kindergarten student at the school. We’ve also helped the school pay for transportation so all students get to participate in a field trip during the school year. Our Company and our Colleagues are proud to be able to support educators and specifically partner with Buchanan Elementary School to do our part to ensure students at the school receive all the support they need to be successful in the classroom. &

AF Colleagues Support Wonderfully Made Foundation

October 19, 2015 03:30 AM

Chari-teeDay On Friday AF Colleagues will be sporting their green “chari-tee” shirts in support of our monthly Charity Day. Each month Colleagues have the opportunity to donate to the sponsored charity. Those who donate may wear their special T-shirts showing they donate each month. This month we are supporting the Wonderfully Made Foundation. The mission of the Wonderfully Made Foundation is to embrace families, individuals, children and youth who are in need by equipping them with the tools and resources that will aid them in becoming effective and productive citizens. Programs in the organization include Domestic Violence Awareness, Homeless Home, Clothing Closest, Children Literacy and Job Training. Learn more about the Wonderfully Made Foundation. See what other charities our Colleagues have been donating to in 2015 and check back within the next few weeks to find out what organizations will receive AF Charity Day support in 2016! Would you like to join the AF team and support charities with us? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions. Apply now or share with your network!

AF Participates in United Way’s Day of Caring

October 7, 2015 03:41 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue American Fidelity and our Colleagues have worked hard this year helping out the United Way of Central Oklahoma. Our dedication to our community and those in need is an integral part of our culture, and we’re always looking for opportunities to get involved! This past weekend, AF Colleagues lent a hand during the United Way’s Day of Caring, one of the country’s largest volunteer events, by spending time at the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled (OKFD). OKFD is a social services organization that provides high quality and activity-oriented adult day health services for adults with developmental disabilities in central Oklahoma. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of developmentally disabled adults by providing them with learning programs and services that include life skills training, recreational activities and socialization opportunities. “We made them happy! They made us happy! We all had fun!” said Tammy Townsend, marketing data base systems analyst and Day of Caring organizer. “They are such precious individuals and they can impact lives like no others.” “It was a very humbling experience. It makes me appreciate so much the people who work with the disabled every day. American Fidelity is a great Company because so many of our Colleagues really do care about people,“ added Clendon Rice VP of IT vendor asset management. Do you like volunteering? What charitable organizations do you think make a difference? Let us know in the comments.

United Way Awareness Days at AF

September 14, 2015 04:12 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue At American Fidelity, we wrapped up our United Way campaign exceeding our donation goal of $485,000. This year, we want to make sure our Colleagues continue to think about the United Way and the agencies that help our local community. To do this, we’ve started United Way Awareness Days on the second Friday of each month. Our Colleagues are able to wear any United Way or United Way-sponsored T-shirt and an agency is featured on our intranet that day. To raise a little extra money for our campaign, we sold American Fidelity United Way T-shirts to our Colleagues and all proceeds went toward the campaign. Our first awareness day was last Friday, and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled was featured. The organization provides transportation, food and other care for disabled adults. Daily services including transportation, nutrition and activities are offered for just $45, and financial assistance is available for those who need it. What United Way agencies would you like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments. It might turn up on our next awareness day!

AFA Exceeds United Way Donation Goal

August 19, 2015 03:15 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue American Fidelity wrapped up our United Way campaign last week and we exceeded our Company goal of $485,000! Our campaign started with the Pacesetter Games at our new Home Office location and early bird agency tours. During the campaign our Colleagues had opportunities to visit various United Way agency and we had our agency fair for Colleagues to learn even more. Throughout the campaign different AFA departments and floors participated in various activities to help raise money for United Way. Here are some of the activities and events that went on during our campaign.

  • Pants and Polo donation drive: School uniforms were collected and donated to Youth Services Center of Oklahoma for students in need.
  • Hamburger cookout: A cookout was held to raise money to add to donations.
  • Penny War: Strategic Alliances held a penny war and if certain monetary goals were met then certain executive Colleagues would get a pie in the face. Two of our executives ended up getting pied!
  • Breakfast: Casserole, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy and bacon were sold and profits went to United Way.
  • Division/department/team meetings: Teams came together for United Way meetings to learn more about the organization and to hear from people who have a United Way story.
  • Bake sale: Colleagues made various baked goods and sold them with proceeds benefitting United Way.

These are just a few of the activities that our Colleagues participated in to help raise awareness and money for the United Way. AFA Colleague Marshall Foo is a huge advocate of the United Way and is thankful that American Fidelity supports an organization that helps so many. “Having been on a couple of United Way financing sub-committees and going to behind the scenes tours, I have seen the good work that the United Way partner agencies do,” Marshall said. “More than that, after being discharged from the Marines, I was a single dad and the recipient of several agencies’ assistance: Catholic Charities; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Red Cross. More recently, the American Heart Association’s research has helped me with my more recent heart issues. Not only have I seen the benefits, but I have lived them as well.”

Colleagues Support Partner School

June 29, 2015 06:18 AM
School Supply Drive Sign It seems pretty early in the summer to be thinking about school supplies, but Oklahoma City Schools start back in just over a month! Each year, we host a school supply drive to help ensure students at our partner school, Buchanan Elementary, have what they need to begin the school year. Colleagues donate paper, pencils, folders, glue, crayons and more to the cause. Our annual drive wrapped up Friday. Colleagues contributed more than $1,300 plus about three large boxes of supplies. In addition to the school supply drive, we support Buchanan in a variety of other ways. About 40 Colleagues go to Buchanan once a week during the school year to tutor a student. I was able to work with the same student for three years! He graduated last year, so I’m looking forward to meeting a new student this year. In the past, we have helped pay for new playground equipment, purchased spelling workbooks and supplied buses for a field trip. Some Colleagues have thrown class parties to celebrate their students’ birthdays or provided money for classroom projects. Our partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder also has benefited Buchanan. Earlier this year, the school hosted the 100,000th book celebration with the Rolling Thunder book bus. Our relationship with Buchanan Elementary dates back to the 2006-07 school year, and we hope it continues for many years to come!

Supporting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

May 18, 2015 05:23 AM
Group One of the favorite charities among our Colleagues is the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. We support a food drive each year, and a volunteer day to serve the organization. This year was no different. A food drive wrapped up last week where Colleagues brought food and monetary donations. Here are a few startling statistics from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.
  • One in six seniors in Oklahoma struggles with hunger.
  • One in four children struggles with hunger.
  • Every dollar donated provides five meals.
  • 32% of hungry Oklahomans aren't eligible for nutrition assistance programs and rely on Food Bank outreach alone.
  • More than 650,000 Oklahomans are classified as “food insecure.”
  • The Backpack Program currently serves 18,527 children in 501 elementary schools across 53 central and western Oklahoma counties. The packs are given to schoolchildren each Friday so they have access to food over the weekend.
For our volunteer effort, we joined forces with the nationwide letter carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger event. Donations were collected along the mail routes, and volunteers helped unload and sort what the carriers gathered. I was joined by more than 30 fellow Colleagues, family members and friends at the Edmond Post Office for the annual food drive. We processed more than 12,000 pounds of food in that post office alone! I am so proud to work with a Company and Colleagues that support great organizations like the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

AF Joins United Way to Read Out Loud

April 13, 2015 04:00 AM
Michelle-Cropped What is more fun than reading a great book to a group of kids? This week, a few Colleagues and I got to do that at our partner school, Buchanan Elementary, during the United Way’s Read Out Loud campaign to promote literacy. Volunteers from other companies read to students at more than a dozen other elementary schools during the event. We had a blast reading to the students and hope that our presence in the school will help them understand that not only is reading important, it’s fun! Here are some statistics supplied by the United Way Volunteer Center about childhood literacy in Oklahoma City:
  • One in six children who do not read proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time.  Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation, “Double Jeopardy” study
  • In 2011, more than half (52 percent) of all fourth-grade students in Oklahoma City public schools scored below the proficient performance level in reading on the Core Curriculum Test.  Source: ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act Annual Report Card 2010-11
I read a book that was new to me based on the Disney movie Planes. The kids seemed to enjoy the familiar characters and the exciting story line. One of my friends related a tale about Pete the Cat. The books were donated to the school library, so the students will be able to read them for themselves later. Any time I get to spend with children fostering a love for reading is time well spent!