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Closer to Home

March 31, 2016 03:00 AM

9k The move from our Home Office location at 2000 N. Classen to 9000 Cameron Parkway in Oklahoma City is nearing completion and with it comes some serious progress to the new workspace. Here’s a quick update on how some features of the new office are coming along.IMG_2286

  • Construction of our new parking garage will finish this May, and as you can see, it’s already looking pretty good!
  • New state-of-the-art conference rooms are being added to our third floor.


  • The theater room is up and running, and has already proven to be a great place for Colleagues to congregate.
  • Saints On Site, our on-site clinic operated by St. Anthony’s Medical Group, opens its doors to Colleagues this upcoming Monday.
  • While our temporary café continues to dish out the goods, the new permanent café, partially designed by our own Colleagues, will be complete in July.
  • Also coming in July is our brand new world-class fitness center. A temporary spot has been set aside for Colleagues in the meantime to help them Live Smart!


  • Major changes have come to our front lobby, including this comfortable little spot!

In addition to these most excellent improvements, a few more floors are undergoing remodeling ensuring an attractive and modern workspace for the remaining Colleagues who have yet to make the move into their new offices.

Speaking of sleek and modern, our IT group has completed work on the innovative wireless network that allows us to work wirelessly anywhere in the building as well as outside on the patio. We’re excited about the coming years in our new building and even more excited to continue building the American Fidelity legacy in Oklahoma City.

Learn more about some of the changes that are coming with the new location or apply for one of our current openings today!

Book Clubs at American Fidelity

December 7, 2015 04:15 AM

books We’re always looking for ways to bring our Colleagues together while simultaneously promoting a well-balanced lifestyle, which is why we’re thrilled about the Colleague-lead book clubs gaining popularity at American Fidelity. A few dedicated book worms are gathering monthly with fellow literature-loving Colleagues to discuss books that inspire, educate and entertain. The 2nd Thursday Book Club discusses all sorts of books including science fiction, classics, nonfiction and popular fiction. Some of the books the club has read this year include “House Rules” by Jodi Piccoult, “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed and “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Another book club gaining popularity with the halls of AF is  The New York Best Sellers Book Club, which gets together the first Wednesday of each month. The club reads a wide variety of best sellers of all genres. Each meeting the group picks a book for the next meeting but also discusses personal favorites. We also encourage our Colleagues to read by hosting the Books are Fun book fair a few times throughout the year at our Home Office. Would you like to work for American Fidelity? Check out our OKC Home Office openings and our field sales positions.

AFA Offers Colleagues Non-Work Related Classes

March 9, 2015 03:26 AM
American Fidelity understands that you have a life outside of work. We also understand that a happy life beyond the office directly contributes to your work productivity. To help our Colleagues balance life and work, we provide numerous non-work related classes on site. Some of the classes we are offering now are Snack Smart and Homebuyers Education. Snacking right can be a challenge, but American Fidelity is here to help Colleagues learn how to prepare a healthy snack in no time to give an energy boost to fight the midday slump. Carefully planned snacking can be a part of a healthy eating pattern that supplies nutrients lacking from the diet of many Americans. This is why AFA is offering our Colleagues the opportunity to learn from a registered dietitian how to Snack Smart! Another class we are offering our Colleagues is our Homebuyers Education class. Buying a home and be difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Representatives from our sister company, First Fidelity Bank, will provide Colleagues with all the information they need to know about home loans. Topics include everything from purchasing a first home to refinancing an existing loan to buying a vacation home. In the past we have also offered classes on personal finances, retirement planning and healthy eating. Just a few of the many ways American Fidelity helps Colleagues live a balanced life! What are some non-work related classes you’d like to see in the workplace?

A Day in the Life: Conference and Travel Management

March 6, 2015 05:13 AM
[caption id="attachment_2657" align="alignnone" width="240"]Brett Barrowman, Conference and Travel Management Brett Barrowman, Conference and Travel Management[/caption] One of our current jobs openings is for a conference and travel services manager, so I sat down with our VP of conference and travel management to learn about his department and what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Brett Barrowman has worked at AFA for 27 years, most recently serving as a vice president responsible for overseeing logistics and strategies for programs and events for American Fidelity. Brett’s team works with Colleagues and executives to plan conferences, incentive trips and meetings. They also assist Colleagues with travel arrangements for various business trips. Their goal is to eliminate the anxiety and frustration of researching, planning and execution of conventions conferences, meetings and business travel for our Colleagues and affiliated companies. “A typical day for me when I’m in the office involves planning and developing current programs and looking three to four years down the road for future events. I spend a lot of time communicating with our clients and vendors,” said Brett. “When I’m on the road, typically I’m reviewing hotels and destination management companies, possibly up to 11 properties per week, which may be local in OKC, elsewhere in the U.S. or international.” Brett’s job, along with the manager position, completes a significant amount of travel, up to about 50 percent of the time. “It’s a demanding job but I love the travel I’ve been able to do even though it’s work and not a vacation and getting to interact with a lot of different people. Seeing the results of our hard work pay off in a successful program is rewarding.” For the current open position, candidates need operational knowledge of event planning functions and management. “I’m looking for someone with patience and who is future-oriented and think about what the Customer will want and what rates will be like down the road. This person needs strong conference management, customer service, communications, problem-solving and negotiation skills,” shares Brett. If that sounds like you, apply today! Looking for something else or want to learn about other areas in the Company? Check out our previous Day in the Life columns. &

Day in the Life – Compliance

November 6, 2014 02:52 AM
[caption id="attachment_2327" align="alignnone" width="300"]Shari Vick Shari Vick, Compliance Team Leader[/caption] When you hear the word “compliance” what do you think about? Lawyers? Legal requirements? Following rules? You probably think of something along those lines. While our product compliance team does deal with following legal requirements, they also do much more than that, including product development, research, policy writing and more. I interviewed Shari Vick, compliance team leader, to learn more about this department and her open position. When friends ask Shari what she does, she has a great way of explaining a complicated job. “I ask them if they have one of the policy types we offer, such as a cancer or accident insurance policy, and then explain that I write those policies and ensure they comply with the law,” Shari explains. Shari’s team collaborates with other areas in the Company to develop products. Her team researches items relating to policies so that they can create a clear, precise policy. For example, for a cancer policy they may need to research various cancer treatments, consult with our medical director about the stages of cancer or determine what would be defined as a home health care. They can then write a policy that can be clearly and fairly implemented. “One of the things I love about my job is that I get to learn about so many topics from the research we do,” said Shari. “To succeed in this job, you really need to love to read because we spend a lot of time reading articles and researching to write policies. You need to be able to read and understand legislation and be able to analyze if it applies to our products. You also need to be able to juggle a variety of projects and collaborate with others.” Sound like fun? You could join Shari’s team! We currently have an opening for a compliance analyst. The team would prefer someone with annuities experience to complement the rest of the team’s experience, but will consider candidates with other types of compliance experience. Check out our previous Day in the Life stories to learn more about the different departments within AFA!

Day in the Life

October 2, 2014 02:46 AM
1556 If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in what it’s like to work at AFA. While it’s nice to hear from recruiters like me about why you might want to work here, it’s good to hear from Colleagues in other areas too. Our Day in the Life column features a different Colleague each month talking about their jobs, how they help Customers and what they like about American Fidelity. Check out the previous columns to help you get a better picture of life at AFA: We want to hear from you! Which of these areas would you like to see featured in an upcoming column? Let us know in the comments!
  • Data developer
  • Accountant
  • Compliance
  • Colleague Relations
  • Creative Services
Like what you see? Apply for one of our openings today!

AFA Field Team Gears Up for School

July 23, 2014 03:15 AM
af_203w Teachers, students and parents aren’t the only ones gearing up for the school year. American Fidelity’s largest Customer niche is school districts, so our busiest time of the year hits when school starts back. We begin preparing for all of the upcoming enrollments we have planned where our hard-working account managers try to meet with every teacher and supporting staff member in each district we serve. Why does that matter to you as a potential AFA Colleague?
  1. If you’re applying for one of our American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES) account manager openings, you could become one of the Colleagues serving our education Customers.
  2. Many of our Home Office positions work directly with our field team and Customers.
  3. Our education Customers are crucial to the success of the Company, so it’s important that all Colleagues are familiar with the process and how it benefits both the Customer and the Company.
So, how does the enrollment process work? Employees appreciate the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their benefit plans. American Fidelity provides employee group meetings to help educate employees on all the benefits and services available during the benefit enrollment period. During enrollment, the account manager goes to the school to make it easier for the teachers and support team members. The account manager offers personalized, one-on-one benefit enrollments to help employees understand the available benefits and allow employees to ask questions and discuss their personal benefit needs, so they can decide which benefits will work best for them. If the employee is already a Customer, the Colleague will review their current policies, remind them to turn in claims and answer any questions they have. Learn more about a day in the life of an account manager and how you can apply to join the AFA team. Not interested in sales? Check out our other openings.

Making Work Meaningful

May 29, 2014 02:45 AM
amer_fidelity_0004w At American Fidelity, we often talk about meaningful work in our recruiting materials. But what does that really mean? “Meaningful” can mean different things to different people, so I thought I’d share what it means to me when I talk to people about coming to work for AF. Meaningful work means:
  • Assisting Customers, often during times of great need, for example, helping them through a cancer diagnosis or disability
  • Offering peace of mind to our 1.3 million unique policyholders
  • Helping protect workers’ ability to earn a living in the face of a disability
  • Serving more than 8,700 employer groups by providing benefits to their employees
  • Navigating Health Care Reform regulations for employers to help ensure they comply and so their employees get what they need
  • Making AF a great place to work for fellow Colleagues
  • Working together to help more than 160 organizations through our charitable giving programs
What does meaningful work mean to you?

Day in the Life: Imaging Tech

April 3, 2014 02:45 AM
blog_photo While American Fidelity has gone green in many ways, from our online enrollment system to taking many of our Colleague materials such as our benefits enrollment guide and Colleague magazine online, we still handle a lot of paper from our Customers. And by a lot, I mean nearly 200,000 documents each month! I sat down with Nola Ruyle, imaging technician, to learn more about how we handle all of that paper. It all starts with the mail. Many of our Customers mail in claims documents, doctor’s notes, receipts, payments and more. When we receive these materials, our Imaging team jumps into action. “Our day starts by collecting these documents, then preparing them for storage by assigning them a document type. Next, we scan the documents into our system, index them so they can be easily located in the future and then we perform quality assurance so we ensure everything is accurate. Finally, we recycle the hard copies of the documents once we are sure they are scanned and saved into the system,” Nola shares. While that may sound like a solitary job, when you visit the Imaging area, you can see Colleagues collaborating and helping each other meet that day’s goals. “We work as a team to do the best job possible for the Customer. While we each have our individual role to play, we all come together to achieve our team’s goals. Our jobs play an important role in ensuring the security and accuracy of our Customers’ documents,” reports Nola. Interesting in joining AFA as an imaging tech? Check out our opening for this position! Or, see our previous Day in the Life features of some of our other Colleagues to learn more about other areas and apply for one of other openings today!

Day in the Life: Special Investigator

March 12, 2014 02:50 AM

brandi_edited Brandi Clark has one of the coolest job titles at American Fidelity – special investigator. It may sound like a job more suited to the CIA than AFA, but Brandi and her teammates play an important role in protecting our Colleagues, Company and Customers. Brandi starts her day with a large thermos of coffee and a stack of open cases to review. On a good day, she’ll focus on five to six cases while juggling emails, calls and instant messages with updates or questions about other cases. Throughout the day she’ll receive new cases to open, questions from Customers or Colleagues and updates from doctors or vendors about the numerous other cases she has open – all in various stages of completion. So what exactly are these cases? “It ranges from common, honest mistakes on an enrollment form to someone not affiliated with American Fidelity attempting to use our name fraudulently to a Customer going back to work while on disability without notifying us,” Brandi reports. “Compliance laws for insurance companies vary by state, so we have to stay up to date on all of the laws and ensure we follow the correct process and also that we explain everything clearly to everyone involved.” Brandi’s experience working in a district attorney’s office prior to joining American Fidelity seven years ago comes in handy when she works with the legal team and when she’s had to travel out of state to testify in court. Fortunately, most cases don’t reach that step and are resolved through communication. “When I’m investigating something that’s been reported as suspicious, I always want the answer to be that it was just a mistake. Every time I’m able to prove that gives me hope,” Brandi shares. “It’s one of the best parts of my job. I enjoy what I do and the people that I work with.” Special investigators aren’t the only American Fidelity Colleagues who help protect Customers. Colleagues are trained to protect our Customers and their information. No matter what position a Colleague holds, Customers are our focus. Now that you’ve learned about Brandi, get a glimpse into a Day in the Life of some of our other Colleagues.