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5 Tips to Help Your Job Search

March 23, 2016 03:00 AM

jobsearchnewspaper-1024x759 No matter the time or reason, searching for a new job can be an overwhelming scenario. With so many factors to consider and the stakes being so high, it’s no wonder many people find themselves wondering where to begin. Luckily, our recruiters have shared with us some very basic tips to help you get started on your job search!

  • Network through organizations that you may be affiliated with to provide job search leads. You should also expand your network to include schools/universities, friends, family and others.
  • Do some maintenance on your social media profiles so they are representative of a professional job search. Having an up-to-date, complete LinkedIn profile is also always recommended.
  • Review the top companies in your area as potential leads.
  • Make sure your resume is quick, concise, targeted and eye-catching to capture the attention of recruiters via digital technology.
  • Is your background and training highly specialized? Connecting with a third party search firm is a good option for those looking for work in a niche sector.

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Job Search Tips from AF

January 20, 2016 01:12 AM

Kimberly B., Performance Management and Recruiting SpecialistKimberly B., Performance Management and Recruiting Specialist

Are you getting ready to start the search for a new or first job? Looking for a job under any circumstance can be stressful. Where should you start, what are you looking for, how does your resume look? The list goes on and on.

Through the months we’ve put together different posts reflecting job search tips from our recruiters and hiring managers.

Check out these posts and find the help you need to get started on the right foot.

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Ask a Recruiter I Career Development at AFA

July 15, 2015 05:35 AM
One of the great things about working at American Fidelity is the focus on career development. Our Company is dedicated to growing our Colleagues and helping us reach our goals. We have a career development specialist, Jamie Owings, on-site to give Colleagues tips and advice on their resumes, interviewing for internal positions and more. Jamie also helps with our recruiting efforts. Learn more about Jamie. We want our Colleagues to feel supported by AF and be empowered to take charge of their professional development. Check out the videos below to learn more from Jamie about career development at AF. Do you want to work for a Company that takes a vested interest in your development? Check out our Home Office openings in OKC and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process. If you have a question for our recruiters, be sure to submit it here and watch for an answer on our next Ask a Recruiter post.

Ask a Recruiter (2)

June 11, 2015 03:43 AM
[caption id="attachment_2111" align="alignnone" width="300"]Alejandra Campos, AFA Recruiter Alejandra Wilson, AFA Recruiter[/caption] As AFA recruiters, each month we answer questions posed by you and other potential AFA job candidates. We’ve reviewed resume tips, interviewing, internships, the job search in general and more. Check out some of our past Ask a Recruiter posts. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit your question now and our recruiters will answer. Be sure to check out our full Ask a Recruiter column and our job openings. Apply at AFA and share our openings with your friends.

What Font Should I Use on My Resume?

May 20, 2015 03:55 AM
[caption id="attachment_750" align="alignnone" width="300"]Product training keeps our Colleagues sharp and up to date. Proofing your resume could make the difference in getting a job and not.[/caption] Putting together a resume seems like an easy enough task right? Just list my education, skills and employment history and I’m ready to go. And, I can make it reflect my personality through the font, right? No, believe it or not, things like the font you choose for your resume could make a difference in whether or not you get a phone call from a recruiter. While it’s important for potential employers to see your personality before a final offer is made, expressing yourself through typeface on your resume is not the way to go. So, what is the best font to use? According to Bloomberg Business, the winner is Helvetica! It’s no-fuss, feels professional and honest. Here’s some other font options and the reasons you may or may not want to use them.
  • Proxima Nova: This one is for those who want to actually purchase a font. It’s a close cousin to Helvetica.
  • Garamond: If you have tons of experience and need to fit it all on one page, try this.
  • Didot: If you’re looking for something upscale, go for this.
  • Zapfino: Don’t go for the flowery fonts, or anything swoosh-y.
  • Courier: You aren’t using a typewriter, so don’t use a font that looks like it.
  • Comic Sans: This font should never be used on your resume as it’s very whimsical and unprofessional.
Looking for more resume tips? Check out this post with tips from our recruiters and read about optimizing your resume. Have a question that you aren’t finding the answer to? Submit it here and our recruiters will answer in our next Ask a Recruiter post.

Ask a Recruiter: Top 8 Interview Questions

May 14, 2015 02:00 AM

Alejandra Campos, AFA RecruiterWhen preparing for an interview one thing you should do is go through a list of possible questions and make sure you’re prepared to answer. I talked with two of AFA’s recruiters to find out what their top interview questions are. Check them out and make sure you’re prepared to answer each of them.

  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • What do you know about American Fidelity and why do you want to work here?
  • What role do you play in a team?
  • If a former manager or Colleague were asked three things about you, what would they say?
  • What motivates you and how do you motive others?
  • Describe your ideal job.
  • Describe a difficult work situation and tell how you overcame it.
  • Give a one-word takeaway about your candidacy for this position.

These are the top interview questions from AFA recruiters. Are you looking for more possible questions and some help answering them? Check out this infographic from the Undercover Recruiter. Now you’re ready to apply for one of our open positions! Looking for more interview tips? Check out our Ask a Recruiter column. Have a question that we haven’t answered? Submit it here and our recruiters will answer!

Career Development at AFA

March 18, 2015 07:00 AM
[caption id="attachment_1479" align="alignnone" width="269"]career_fair Opportunities and careers cross paths at American Fidelity[/caption] If you follow this blog regularly, you probably know we value training, development and education here at American Fidelity. We offer Customer service certification, mentorship programs, product and service training, leadership training, computer and software classes and so much more! One unique learning opportunity at AFA is our dedicated career development specialist, who is  available to all AFA Colleagues to help them  improve job skills and  establish a career plan. During one-on-one counseling sessions with our career development specialist, Colleagues identify what knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, what their goals are and what careers interest them. Together with the career development specialist, an action plan is developed and follow-up meetings are scheduled to keep a pulse on progress. Colleagues can also receive resume writing help. From start to finish, the career development specialist will help Colleagues assemble and write their resumes. Colleagues who already have a resume can have them reviewed for suggested improvements and proofreading. Have pre-interview jitters? Our career development specialist is available to conduct mock job interviews, giving Colleagues the opportunity to learn how to answer difficult questions and improve their interview performance. Assisting our Colleagues in developing their career is an investment in them personally and the future of American Fidelity. “Career development is important at the workplace because there are so many opportunities and talents throughout the Company that it is easy to overlook potential career paths,” says AFA Colleague, Melissa Konz. “I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with this team to find a perfect fit for me at AFA. I knew I did not want to leave AFA because I love the Company, but had not found where I belonged. I was able to discuss my interests, likes, dislikes, past training and past jobs to look at potential opportunities for me. I was fortunate enough to find my home here and could not be happier or more grateful for the support and assistance the career development team provided me with.” Tell us why and how you think career development is important to the workplace in the comments section. We want to hear from you!

Ask a Recruiter | Game Changing Job Trends

February 12, 2015 02:00 AM
Job hunting is competitive by nature, and the marketplace is shifting all the time. It’s important to take a step back every so often and make sure you’re using the most up-to-date job-seeking tools and applying a modern approach to your resume and portfolio. I recently came across this infographic from that I think lists some practical advice regarding new trends in recruiting. Take a look: CS-Game-Changing-550 I hope some of this information has inspired you to broaden the scope of your job-hunting arsenal. If you’re curious about learning a few more tips on how to streamline your job search, make sure to check out a few of these previous Inside AFA posts: Do you have a question for our recruiters? Submit it here or tweet your question to us – @afacareers. We want to hear from you!

How do I apply at AFA?

February 4, 2015 02:30 AM
Woman filing taxes We love using this blog to tell you about the many great career opportunities being offered by American Fidelity, but you may be asking yourself, “Where and how do I actually apply?” Let’s start from the beginning. Since you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you are pretty savvy when it comes to looking up job information. However, there are a few great additional resources you can use to stay in the loop about all the job openings at American Fidelity. Start by following us on Facebook and Linkedin, and if you really want to be plugged in, go ahead and peek at our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Of course, you can always cut to the chase by visiting the AFA Careers page frequently to view new postings and the detailed job descriptions therein. The AFA Careers page is also where you’ll submit applications to work for American Fidelity. Once you’ve found the right position, go ahead and spend a little time freshening up your resume, cover letter, references or any additional materials you think may be pertinent to the position. It never hurts to highlight any skills or experience that are specific to the job. Ok, time to apply! Find the job you want to apply for on the AFA Careers page and Click “Apply Online.” Follow the step-by-step instructions, making sure that all the information you submit is correct. Once you hit “submit” and you receive the confirmation email, your application is then sent to our recruiters. We’ve talked recently about what happens once you submit your application, but here’s a step-by-step explanation about what to expect after you apply.
  1. Recruiters review all the online applications and check them for skill sets and cultural fit.
  2. If your application stands out, a recruiter will conduct a phone interview.
  3. If you do well on your phone interview, an in-person interview is scheduled.
  4. For certain positions, you may also have to complete some skills testing during or after the initial face-to-face interview.
  5. Next, the remaining candidates meet with the hiring manager.
  6. Finally, many areas conduct a team interview to help ensure a candidate’s fit with the team.
Hopefully this information will help clear up any uncertainties you may have about the application process. Let us know if you have any other questions you have in the comments section.

Let Social Media Help You Find the Right Job

January 28, 2015 03:00 AM
InformationWeek American Fidelity and other companies are turning to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to assist in their recruiting and hiring efforts. As a job seeker, these sites can wire you directly into an ongoing stream of recruiting news and information, giving you a competitive edge in applying for the perfect job. Here are just a few tips on how you can use social media in your job hunt.
  • Think of a few ideal companies you’d like to work for. Make a point to seek out all of their social media outlets and follow them.
  • LinkedIn is an especially useful tool, as it gives employers like AFA, an opportunity to connect directly with potential candidates whose online resume fits an open position. This process is called “passive” recruiting because the potential candidate may not be “actively” seeking new employment. Keep your profile up to date, and check in for news frequently.
  • Keep your online presence professional. You never know who’s watching you online, so it’s best to keep anything you wouldn’t want potential employers to see private.
  • Social media is an ideal venue for networking and communicating with professional contacts who can potentially lend a hand in your job search. Reach out and seek advice from those you admire professionally.
  • A company’s social media presence can give you a window into their corporate culture, values and mission before you even step in the door for your first interview. This information may guide your decision-making process during the job hunt.
AFA recruiters have been actively taking advantage of these tools, and that’s why I’d like to invite you to follow our recruiting sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see our most recent openings and learn more about why American Fidelity is such a great place to work. If you’re interested in learning more about how we use social media, make sure to check out this interview with AFA recruiter Alejandra Campos. Be sure to like AFA Careers on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see our most recent openings and hottest jobs.