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Best of Inside AF 2016 Part 1

December 20, 2016 08:05 AM

As we near the end of 2016 at American Fidelity, we want to share our top blog posts from the year with you. The next two weeks will give you a recap on the top performing posts.

Check out our top five posts now and check back next week for more.

  • 7 Tips on How to Get Hired at American Fidelity: Since you’re reading our blog, we hope that means you’re interested in a job with us. We know we can’t guarantee that our readers will get hired here, but we do want to help increase your odds with some insider advice. Get tips now.
  • Home Office Update: In July we gave you an update on our move status and photos of the latest developments at the time. See where we were in July.
  • Movie Night at AF: Check out photos from our outdoor movie night we held this June!
  • The Core, AF’s Fitness Center: Our brand new fitness center opened in September with a ribbon-cutting by our president. Check out the photos.
  • Colleagues Smash Giving Goals: In May AF Colleagues participated in a food and fund drive for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and surpassed our goal by donating nearly $12,000! Read more about the drive and our accomplishments.

Job Openings at AF

Are you interested in joining our team? We have openings in Oklahoma City and across the nation. Check out our job openings now!

Ask a Recruiter: 6 Way to Impress Recruiters

September 16, 2016 08:11 AM

When you’re applying for a job or getting ready for an interview do you find yourself wondering, “What do these recruiters really care about and really want to know from me?” You’re not alone because I’ve had those same thoughts.

I had a chance to talk to American Fidelity’s recruiters to find out just what do they really care about, and I’ve got a list of six things to share with you.

  1. Excellent communication skills are a must. AF recruiters start checking those skills from the initial look at an application. They want candidates that have both written and verbal skillsets.
  2. Show your interest! Do your research on the company you’re applying to and be sure to ask questions when the recruiter asks if you have any. It shows you are interested and engaged. Make sure you’re monitoring your email and voicemails when you apply for a job and respond promptly to recruiters. Slow response times show a lack of interest.
  3. Showcase your interpersonal and soft skills. “These skills are paramount to AF’s culture and being successful here,” says recruiter Kim Brecheen. Show empathy when appropriate and provide thoughtful responses beyond just a yes or no. Your interaction from the time you check-in, to the time you leave the building will demonstrate any social soft skills needed here at AF.
  4. Demonstrate leadership qualities. Show that you can be forward thinking with honest opinions and convey them in a professional manner.
  5. Be a problem solver! Tell recruiters about your experiences with thinking out of the box and utilizing analytical skills to assist a customer or fellow colleague with a problem.
  6. Exhibit customer service skills. This can be shown from the first phone call you have with a recruiter. Show that you are interested in working with and helping others.

These are the top things American Fidelity recruiters are looking for from the very beginning. Do you have a question you’d like to ask our recruiters? Submit it here and watch for a response on the blog.

Be sure to check out our job openings, learn about our hiring process and get tips for getting hired at AF.

Ask a Recruiter: How to Find Internships

August 11, 2016 02:18 PM

Have you been told you need to participate in at least one internship while you’re in school? Are you wondering how you should even go about finding one? I talked with our recruiters and share their thoughts below.

  • Take advantage of the career resources at your university. Review internship openings on your university’s career site.
  • Attend job fairs on campus to preview potential internships, and remember presentation is very important.
  • Be a top student and network with your department head in the field of your study to be considered for internship referrals.
  • Academic records are considered for some internships, so it is important to keep that in mind as you are working in your studies.
  • Preview ahead of time for the next semester. For example if you want an internship for the spring semester, start looking in October of the previous year.

American Fidelity currently has multiple internship opportunities. If you’re interested in any of the areas below, email your resume to

  • Customer Engagement
  • Insurance Claims
  • Data Scientist


Ask a Recruiter: Interested in Multiple Jobs

June 13, 2016 09:46 AM

Are you currently looking for a new job? Have you checked out our openings at American Fidelity? Did you find more than one position that you’re interested in with us? When you’re job searching it can be confusing what to do if you find more than one position that you’re interested in. I talked with one of our recruiters and got her ideas on how you should handle this kind of situation.


American Fidelity recruiter Kim Brecheen’s top advice is to make sure your skills align with the position or positions you are applying for to be more targeted in the focus of your search.


From the recruiters’ side, they review candidates beyond the position actually applied for and consider all positions that the initial skill sets seem to fit.


“In my experience it is often that a candidate may be considered for something different than the position they applied for,” Kim said.


That means when you apply for a job at American Fidelity, our recruiters will review your application with all open positions to see if you may be a fit for those as well. We want the best talent for each position to better serve our Customers!


Are you interested in working with us? Check out our job openings and learn about our hiring process. Already applied? Thank you for your interest in working with us! Have a question for our recruiters? Submit it now and watch for an answer on the next Ask a Recruiter post. 

AF New Hires 5-26-2016

May 26, 2016 11:49 AM

American Fidelity has hired 38 new Colleagues during the past month! Six of these Colleagues are working in field sales, 17 are interns, four are temp to hire Colleagues and the other 11 have joined us as full-time Colleagues at our Home Office.


Help me welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Adam Albright: Enterprise Architecture
  • Rebecca Asencio-Ipong: Customer Engagement
  • Eaton Baptiste (intern): ISD Services
  • Megan Beasley: Account Administration
  • Kourtney Bradbeary (intern): Group Product Management
  • Chris Briggs (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Jackson Buell (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Caitlin Burdick (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Bryan Capps (intern): ISD Services
  • Artie Catalano: Strategic Quality Management
  • Preston Coleman (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Melissa Cummens: Sales Convention
  • Chris Duckwall: Sales
  • Letty Elias: Sales
  • Monica Elkins (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Jay Fletcher (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Sudhindra Gopal Krishna (intern): ISD Services
  • Natasha Gossard: Annuities
  • Dave Hume: Sales
  • Esthefania Jimenez (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Albina Karimova: Sales
  • Brittany Keller: Customer Engagement
  • PT Kondapalli (intern): ISD Services
  • Angela Little: Strategic Quality Management
  • Jennifer Lopez Gutierrez: Billing
  • Santosh Reddy Maddula (intern): ISD Services
  • Brandi Martinez: Total Rewards and Techincal
  • Brett McGee: Sales
  • Oyebola Omosebi (intern): ISD Services
  • Casey Pattillo (intern): ISD Services
  • Andy Plank: Sales
  • Jesse Powell (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Luke Raczkowski (intern): Life Underwriting
  • Topher Rodgers: Account Administration
  • Kaelah Sherman: Billing
  • Nik Smith: ISD Services
  • Paula Sullivan: Strategic Quality Management
  • Katya Wallis: Life Operations

Are you interested in joining our team? Check out our job openings and get tips on getting hired at American Fidelity. If you’re looking for an internship opportunity, please send your resume to

Hot Jobs in Data

May 17, 2016 09:42 AM

This week’s hot jobs are in data in OKC. Learn more, apply now or share with your network.


Employer Data Integration

Do you have strong Excel and Access database skills and enjoy problem solving – or know someone looking for a job in Oklahoma City with these talents? American Fidelity seeks Colleagues who can devlop data solutions for our consultants to use to provide health and welfare plan services to our clients. These employer data integration positions will play a key role in ensuring we meet our Customers needs by providing solutions tailored to their specific situation. Apply today!

Job Openings and Hiring Process

Check out American Fidelity’s other job openings, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AF. If you have questions about our job openings, let us know in the comments!



AF Colleagues Spring into Wellness

April 11, 2016 04:53 AM

American Fidelity is dedicated to the health and wellness of our Colleagues and that’s why we offer opportunities for them to get up and move. Just last week the AF Wellness Team put on a wellness carnival, Spring into Wellness. More than 200 Colleagues joined us on our outdoor property at 9K for a quick, fun, healthy break in the afternoon. Colleagues participated in a scavenger hunt where they took a walk around our walking trail and played ping pong, musical chairs, basketball and catch. Some Colleagues took the relaxing route and painted a spring picture while sitting on the patio. Healthy snacks were also offered for Colleagues. Check out some pictures from the event. HW8A0279 HW8A0413 HW8A0418 HW8A0445 HW8A0530 HW8A0578 Would you like to join our team? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions and apply or share with your network.

New Hires at AF March 2016

March 28, 2016 04:20 AM

AF_NEW LOGO_600x210American Fidelity has hired 24 new Colleagues over the past month! We have six new field sales Colleagues and the other new hires joined around the Company at our Home Office. Welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Susan Abeln: Consulting
  • Caitlin Baxley: Sales
  • Kory Bergman: Customer Engagement
  • Victoria Brown: Benefits
  • Susan DeFord: Sales
  • Tonya Edmunds: Enrollment Solutions
  • Charles Fisher: ISD Services
  • Lexie Gatlin: Benefits
  • Kristyn Hallowell: Sales
  • Bonnie Hilburn: AFP Management
  • Jennifer Hurry: Enrollment Solutions
  • Jeffrey Lovern: Risk Management
  • Kylie Maberry: Benefits
  • Meredith McCaslin: Fleet
  • Mundi Nelson: Sales
  • Kurt Novak: Sales
  • Mel Phillips: Customer Engagement
  • Leroy Record: Customer Engagement
  • Sarah Riffle: ISD Services
  • Vanette Ritchards: Tax Accounting
  • Paul Rodgers: Enrollment Solutions
  • John Stultz: Consulting
  • Wendy Waring: Sales
  • Amber Wilbanks: Customer Engagement

Be sure to check out our Home Office job openings and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process.

5 Tips to Help Your Job Search

March 23, 2016 03:00 AM

jobsearchnewspaper-1024x759 No matter the time or reason, searching for a new job can be an overwhelming scenario. With so many factors to consider and the stakes being so high, it’s no wonder many people find themselves wondering where to begin. Luckily, our recruiters have shared with us some very basic tips to help you get started on your job search!

  • Network through organizations that you may be affiliated with to provide job search leads. You should also expand your network to include schools/universities, friends, family and others.
  • Do some maintenance on your social media profiles so they are representative of a professional job search. Having an up-to-date, complete LinkedIn profile is also always recommended.
  • Review the top companies in your area as potential leads.
  • Make sure your resume is quick, concise, targeted and eye-catching to capture the attention of recruiters via digital technology.
  • Is your background and training highly specialized? Connecting with a third party search firm is a good option for those looking for work in a niche sector.

Looking for more advice on how to land the job of your dreams? Make sure to check out these other Inside AF posts!

Still have questions? Submit them here and our recruiters will help provide an answer to your job searching conundrums!

AF Celebrates Success!

March 16, 2016 05:21 AM

ISD Colleagues celebrating a great year!ISD Colleagues celebrating a great year!

After a new year gets in full swing, American Fidelity takes time to celebrate our success from the prior year and thank our Colleagues for their hard work and dedication.

Just yesterday many of our teams started celebrating and others have plans in the coming weeks.

Our Life division Colleagues celebrated at Main Event with lunch and bowling and the Enterprise Business Services team will be venturing there in April for lunch, bowling, laser tag and more.

Our friends in IT took time out yesterday morning as one big team for breakfast and other treats.

The Financial Management Services team also enjoyed a come-and-go breakfast on their floor.

The Corporate and Human Resources teams are taking time out for lunch next week and Colleagues at our sister company, APL celebrated success with food, photo booths and goodie bags.

Colleagues in our Worksite division celebrated in the late afternoon with a Star Wars themed get together. They were encouraged to wear costumes, had snacks, music and more.

These are just a few ways American Fidelity celebrated 2015 success with our Colleagues. Would you like to join our team? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process.