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What’s Happening at AFA I State Fair Discounts

August 26, 2013 03:09 AM

statefairok The State Fair of Oklahoma is right around the corner and American Fidelity Colleagues have been anxiously waiting to buy tickets right here at work. That’s right, we have the opportunity to purchase admission tickets, ride coupons, Disney on Ice tickets and Xtreme Bulls and Concerts tickets here at AFA. The tickets are even at a discount price! American Fidelity is a company that cares about its Colleagues and the local community. Selling tickets to our Colleagues is just one great way we can support the community, getting people out to the State Fair of Oklahoma. Check out some of the other ways we support the community. Selling tickets to family events like the State Fair is also a great way to show our Colleagues that we support a work-life balance and it’s important to us that they can spend time with family. We use community events like this and our own Company events to encourage Colleagues to take time with their family and friends.    Being able to purchase State Fair tickets at work is convenient in itself, but at a discounted price too? Now, that’s a Colleague benefit! I can’t wait for some yummy fair food in a few weeks. What’s your favorite thing to do at the fair? Do you have a favorite fair food? Let us know in the comments.

American Fidelity Values

April 10, 2013 02:57 AM

American Fidelity ValuesWhen looking for a job, most people focus on the job description, salary and perks. But what about a company’s values?

While some values might be obvious – the American Heart Association values healthy hearts, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma helps fight hunger – other values aren’t always clear without doing a little digging. Since company culture plays a huge role in your happiness and satisfaction in your job, take time to look into a company’s culture and values before applying. To help you out, I’ve provided information on American Fidelity’s values below.

The Five AFs:

  • Always Fair – This is the guiding value for the way we treat both Colleagues and Customers. We always look to do what is right, even if that isn’t always easy.
  • Always Focused – American Fidelity understands that we cannot be all things to all people; we learn to focus our efforts on what will produce the best results.
  • Always Future-oriented – When considering current actions, needs and resources, Colleagues are ever aware of their future impact and look to provide better service and increased efficiency for tomorrow.
  • Always Flexible – Being rigid and resistant to change would stifle our efforts to bend over backward in the pursuit of serving both Colleagues and Customers to the best of our ability.
  • Always Financially Secure – This is the essence of how we are able to fulfill our promises. By making sure our decisions make fiscal sense, we assure the ability to pay claims, maintain jobs and provide new jobs.

What about you? Let us know what values you look for in a company!

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What’s Happening at AFA I Celebrating Our Heritage

March 25, 2013 02:30 AM

C.W. and BillThis Wednesday, we will recognize what would be our founder C.W. Cameron’s 110th birthday. Reading about a company’s founder doesn’t always make for interesting reading, but C.W. did more than just found AFA – he persevered through a rough economy and made innovations that have a lasting impact today. C.W. started American Fidelity in 1960 as an outgrowth of an insurance agency that he had operated since 1930 and was the grandfather to our current owner, Bill Cameron.

C.W. was not born into wealth. His family did what they had to do to get by. He was the oldest of seven children, raised on a small tenant farm near Mangum, Oklahoma. For C.W. and his family, life was often full of uncertainty and financial difficulty.

Life was hard in rural Oklahoma and even greater hardship hit during the Great Depression, but C.W.  knew that working families needed to protect their income. He looked for and created business opportunities, even during that trying time. C.W. worked hard and was able to partner with a farmer and start his own insurance agency in 1930. C.W. became a successful business man in the insurance industry with much of his success resulting from an effort to make insurance available to the working class.

C.W.’s agency pioneered offering insurance to school teachers. AFA is now the largest provider of voluntary disability insurance in the education industry across the United States. American Fidelity has earned national and international success, but we are proud to remain a family business. Bill Cameron is committed to keeping AFA a private, family-operated business, just like his grandfather.

The AFA culture has been built on a legacy of family. To celebrate the 110th birthday of C.W. Cameron, Colleagues will share what the Cameron family legacy means to them. We’ll also hold a Cameron family history trivia game for Colleagues. I’m curious – does your company celebrate its founder? Share your thoughts in the comments!  

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