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Connecting with Our Colleagues

October 10, 2016 12:49 PM

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One of my favorite things about working for American Fidelity is the transparency of our leadership team. Twice a year, Colleagues are invited to attend town hall meetings, called Colleague Connection, to hear from our leaders and other Colleagues who are heading up large projects.


Last week we hosted four identical sessions of Colleague Connection to allow more than 500 Colleagues to attend live. One session was recorded and will be available on our Intranet for Colleagues who weren’t able to attend live.


In addition to Company President Dave Carpenter, other presenters included Colleagues who are leading some of the major initiatives throughout our Company.


We heard and update about how our Company is performing financially, including current status and year-end projections. We learned more about a tech project to improve collaboration and share resources and best practices among our various companies that share ownership. We heard a story about how one support division is living our brand to help divisions throughout the Company make processes simpler for our Customer.


Information about our initiative to collect data and improve accuracy for our Customers was shared, along with updates on our progress in implementing our policy administration system.


Dave wrapped up the meetings with quick updates on a variety of smaller projects, including our on-site grill, moving Colleagues out of the previous building, some pending acquisitions and more.


At the end of each meeting, Colleagues had the opportunity to ask questions about topics that were covered, or other questions they may have. Questions and responses from all four sessions will be compiled and will be available along with the video.


The meetings are a great way to ensure Colleagues stay informed about what going on in our Company so we can find ways to support the major efforts toward improvement.

AFA Establishes Fund for Colleagues in Need

May 28, 2014 04:43 AM
charitybank Last year, several tornados pummeled the Oklahoma City metro area where the majority of our Colleagues live. Many of them had severe damage to their homes, and some were destroyed. Members of the American Fidelity family rallied to help, and a temporary fund was created to provide financial assistance for Colleagues who lost so much during that 10-day period. After the dust settled and the rebuilding was underway, we began to realize that not all storms that Colleagues face are widespread. The serious illnesses, house fires and other catastrophic events may be more personal, but they are no less devastating. So we began to look at ways to provide a permanent fund to help Colleagues through catastrophic events. We have partnered with the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma to administer the Colleague Relief Fund. Now, Colleagues can apply for assistance if they are experiencing a serious illness, have been in a major accident or are going through some other catastrophic event that causes economic hardship for them. We’ll provide opportunities for Colleagues to donate to the fund so it’s there when it’s needed. American Fidelity also will add funding if needed. We’re proud to be able to help. That’s what families do. What are some ways other companies work together to help their employees?