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American Fidelity in the Community

September 21, 2016 09:42 AM

American Fidelity in the Community


American Fidelity doesn’t just value educators as our Customers; we also support their efforts in the classroom through a variety of sponsorships geared toward rewarding teachers and helping them engage their students.


Last week, I had an opportunity to see three of our programs in action.


The Rolling Thunder Book Bus came to a stop at Oklahoma City’s Sequoyah Elementary School. Players Cameron Payne and Semaj Christon helped students pick out a book that they will get to keep and read. The kids had a great time and got to take a group photo with the players after picking out their books.


Cameron Payne Book Bus


The Rolling Thunder is one of the team’s several literacy initiatives sponsored by American Fidelity. Since its debut in 2009, the bus has visited nearly 1,600 schools and day care programs distributing more than 126,000 books to children.


Other Read to Achieve programs American Fidelity sponsors with the Thunder include the Teacher of the Game, Reading Time Outs and Thunder Reading Challenge.


On Friday, I was able to hang out with KFOR meteorologist Aaron Brackett at Steed Elementary in Midwest City while he presented Weatherschool, a program designed to teach elementary students about the weather. In addition to the live in-school programs, Weatherschool offers online curriculum teachers can use in their science classes.


Weatherschool at Steed Elementary


This week, Magic 104 radio recognized our first Teacher Feature winner of the school year. On Monday, radio personality Jeff “Magic Man” Roberts went to Crooked Oak High School to thank history teacher Jason Smith for sharing his love of learning with students.


When I see these programs in action, I’m proud to work for a Company that supports educators, not only by specializing in helping them provide for their financial future, but also by recognizing and honoring their roles in the lives of our children.


What makes you proud to work for your company?


Fraud Training at AFA

April 8, 2015 04:54 AM
InformationWeek We've talked a lot lately about the training offered to Colleagues at American Fidelity. Development opportunities like our Customer Service Certification program and product training are great ways to empower our Colleagues and help ensure our Customers are being served to our maximum abilities. As an insurance company, one of the most vital forms of training and education we offer Colleagues is on fraud protection. Our Customers’ safety and security is of the utmost importance, and our Colleagues are the front line of protection. We offer our Colleagues consistent fraud and security training opportunities to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest fraud information. Courses like “Security 101” provide participants an increased awareness of the current information security environment and how it affects American Fidelity’s daily business functions. Colleagues learn AFA's information security concepts and the role each of us play in preventing security attacks and how to protect the Company and their home computer from attack. “Fraud 101” focuses on actual cases of insurance fraud and helps our Colleagues identify security risks by watching for red flags and instructs them on how to report concerns and prevent them from happening. In addition to our fraud classes, AFA also distributes the quarterly Fighting Fraud newsletter that provides important information on not only how to guard against fraud for our Customers, but for their personal lives as well. We not only continually educate our Colleagues on fraud and ways to protect against it, our Internal Audit Colleagues are dedicated each day to making sure Customer information is handled properly. Tell us why and how you think training is important to the workplace in the comments section. We want to hear from you!

Customer Service Certification at AFA

February 25, 2015 02:00 AM
af_203w At American Fidelity, we provide our Colleagues with training programs to help them expand their skills and grow their careers. We also intensely believe in the importance of Customer service and take every step possible to ensure that our Customers are provided with the highest quality experience possible. For this reason, AFA offers its Colleagues a AFA Customer Service Certification. Whether you are a Colleague who wants to demonstrate your Customer service knowledge or a manager who wants to encourage team members to brush up on skills, the AFA Customer Service Certificate is available to all Colleagues whether they interact with Customers directly or not. To earn the certificate, a Colleague must complete a series of Customer service courses totaling seven hours. Colleagues are also required to pass a test after each course and cannot receive their certification until they have passed each one. Courses include topics such as the fundamentals of Customer service, how to handle conflict and internal Customer service skills. Colleagues from all areas of the Company can earn the certificate because giving great internal and external Customer service is important to AFA! AFA is dedicated to providing its Colleagues with constant training and leadership development opportunities to instill our Colleagues with the confidence, knowledge and tools necessary to grow professionally. The Customer Certification happens to be one of our favorites! Tell us why and how you think training is important to the workplace in the comments section. We want to hear from you!