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Colleagues Smash Giving Goals

May 19, 2016 07:17 AM

Colleagues participated in a food and fund drive for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and obliterated our goal of collecting $7,500 by giving nearly $12,000 and more than 1,300 individual items of food during the week-long campaign!

In addition to giving money and food, about a dozen Colleagues and family members also donated time last Saturday to help with the letter carriers’ food drive.

Our team was joined by other volunteers and helped unload and sort nearly 20,000 pounds of food collected by letter carriers from the Edmond Main Post Office.

Check out some of our Colleagues at work!


Colleagues Go Bald for Childhood Cancer Research 2016

April 4, 2016 07:47 AM

St_Baldricks_Before Today, nine American Fidelity Colleagues are showing off their newly shaved heads after helping the St. Baldrick’s Foundation raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

Colleagues have participated in the event for the last several years. This year, the team features nine Colleagues, mostly from the Information Systems Division, who joined the Brethren of Bald team. Together, they’ve raised more than $7,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

The team members allowed their heads to be shaved on Sunday after collecting donations from fellow Colleagues, family members and friends. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has funded more than $178 million in research grants in an effort to find treatments and cures for different types of childhood cancer.

According to the organization, more than 175,000 children are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year, and more children die from the disease than all other diseases combined.

The Oklahoma City shaving event is one of hundreds planned nationwide in 2016. Colleague Aaron Stockton served as this year’s Brethren of Bald team captain. He has been shaving his head for the cause for several years. This year’s lone female team member is Brooke Boevers, who is a team leader in our benefits department. Other team members are Steve Gaither, Brian Whitley, John Spaid, Joseph Peters, Anthony Andrews, Lou Harmon and George Nelson. St_Baldricks_After “The event is to help raise awareness and money for underfunded children’s cancer research,” Aaron said. “These grants also help researchers find less invasive and more successful treatments against childhood cancer.”

In addition to taking donations, the team also sold a Brethren of Bald T-shirt, with proceeds going to the cause.

Would you shave your head to help raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research?

AF Colleagues Donate Blood

February 8, 2016 02:25 AM

Chris D., Benefits Adjuster Chris D., Benefits Adjuster

Last week American Fidelity Colleagues donated blood at our blood drive right here at the office. AF partners with the Oklahoma Blood Institute five times a year to allow our Colleagues to easily and quickly donate. We’ve been hosting blood drives with OBI for 32 years!

On blood drive days Colleagues who donate may wear AF T-shirts to work and are entered in drawings for various prizes.

At AF we are dedicated to our Colleagues, Customers and our community. We are proud to have a group of Colleagues who care and strive to do their best to help.

Help make a difference by donating to the local blood supply. Visit to learn more.

Are you interested in joining the AF team? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions, learn about our hiring process and get tips on getting hired at AF.

Charity Day Helps Fellow Colleagues

February 1, 2016 05:56 AM

Chari-Tee Art Only Colleagues donate $2 per month to support a wide variety of charities in exchange for casual Fridays. The 2016 Charity Day program kicked off last week with donations to our Colleague Relief Fund.

In January, money was collected for a fund that helps Colleagues in need. Natural disasters, medical emergencies and other unexpected catastrophic events can create financial hardships for our Colleagues.

The fund, administered by the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, is designed to provide a safety net for Colleagues experiencing those challenges.

The Colleague Relief Fund was established after the devastating 2013 tornadoes in the Oklahoma City metro area. Several Colleagues’ homes were damaged and destroyed in the storm, and the fund helped them pay deductibles and expenses not covered by insurance.

To date, more than 20 Colleagues have received more than $30,000 to help them through difficult times.

Each month, Colleagues will donate to a different organization. The groups are nominated by Colleagues who support their efforts and selected by random drawing. Donations are made by payroll deduction to make supporting the program even easier.

The charity day program is just one way that American Fidelity makes it easy for Colleagues to support their favorite non-profit organizations.

What are some unique ways that you give to charity?

AF Supports Jubilee Partners

November 16, 2015 04:30 AM

Chari-teeDay This Friday American Fidelity Colleagues will be wearing our green “chari-tee” shirts and all proceeds from our November charity day will go to Jubilee Partners. Jubilee Partners supports local, urban youth by providing them with opportunities to further their education, develop healthy relationships and build life skills. Programs at Jubilee Partners include the following.

  • Jubilee Academy
  • After School Program
  • Equine Therapy
  • Mentoring
  • Summer Kid’s Club
  • Student Leadership

Learn more about Jubilee Partners and how you can get involved. One Friday each month our Colleagues support a local charity. Check back later this week to see what charities we will donate to next year for AF Charity Days. &

AF Colleagues Support Wonderfully Made Foundation

October 19, 2015 03:30 AM

Chari-teeDay On Friday AF Colleagues will be sporting their green “chari-tee” shirts in support of our monthly Charity Day. Each month Colleagues have the opportunity to donate to the sponsored charity. Those who donate may wear their special T-shirts showing they donate each month. This month we are supporting the Wonderfully Made Foundation. The mission of the Wonderfully Made Foundation is to embrace families, individuals, children and youth who are in need by equipping them with the tools and resources that will aid them in becoming effective and productive citizens. Programs in the organization include Domestic Violence Awareness, Homeless Home, Clothing Closest, Children Literacy and Job Training. Learn more about the Wonderfully Made Foundation. See what other charities our Colleagues have been donating to in 2015 and check back within the next few weeks to find out what organizations will receive AF Charity Day support in 2016! Would you like to join the AF team and support charities with us? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions. Apply now or share with your network!

Family Event Features Charities

September 21, 2015 04:00 AM

2015 Famboree Logo & Each fall, we get together one Saturday with our families to have a little fun and spend some time together outside of the office. For the last two years, our family event – known as Famboree – has taken place on the grounds of our new headquarters and has also featured a charitable element. Four charities are highlighted, and Colleagues choose which one will receive a $5,000 donation in conjunction with the event. The other three receive $1,000 each. All four are invited to send representatives to the event to talk to Colleagues about their organizations and opportunities to help. This year’s top charity is Citizens Caring for Children. The other three are Neighborhood Services Organization, Special Care and Sunbeam. All four have made a positive impact on the Oklahoma City community in their own niches. Here’s a little more about each of them.

  • Citizens Caring for Children works in central Oklahoma counties to meet the unique needs of children and young adults in foster care through its Resource Center and mentor programs.
  • Neighborhood Services Organization helps to transform lives and encourage independence through safe, healthy homes, dental care and nutrition.
  • Special Care provides high-quality early childhood education, specialized care and on-site therapeutic services for children from 6 weeks to 21 years of age.
  • Sunbeam provides help, hope and the opportunity to succeed to people of all ages and all stages of life in central Oklahoma through early childhood, counseling, foster care and senior services.

Famboree is scheduled for Sept. 26. We can’t wait to meet our Colleagues’ family members and other friends. It’s a bonus that we’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about four fantastic community organizations! &

United Way Awareness Days at AF

September 14, 2015 04:12 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue At American Fidelity, we wrapped up our United Way campaign exceeding our donation goal of $485,000. This year, we want to make sure our Colleagues continue to think about the United Way and the agencies that help our local community. To do this, we’ve started United Way Awareness Days on the second Friday of each month. Our Colleagues are able to wear any United Way or United Way-sponsored T-shirt and an agency is featured on our intranet that day. To raise a little extra money for our campaign, we sold American Fidelity United Way T-shirts to our Colleagues and all proceeds went toward the campaign. Our first awareness day was last Friday, and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled was featured. The organization provides transportation, food and other care for disabled adults. Daily services including transportation, nutrition and activities are offered for just $45, and financial assistance is available for those who need it. What United Way agencies would you like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments. It might turn up on our next awareness day!

AFA Exceeds United Way Donation Goal

August 19, 2015 03:15 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue American Fidelity wrapped up our United Way campaign last week and we exceeded our Company goal of $485,000! Our campaign started with the Pacesetter Games at our new Home Office location and early bird agency tours. During the campaign our Colleagues had opportunities to visit various United Way agency and we had our agency fair for Colleagues to learn even more. Throughout the campaign different AFA departments and floors participated in various activities to help raise money for United Way. Here are some of the activities and events that went on during our campaign.

  • Pants and Polo donation drive: School uniforms were collected and donated to Youth Services Center of Oklahoma for students in need.
  • Hamburger cookout: A cookout was held to raise money to add to donations.
  • Penny War: Strategic Alliances held a penny war and if certain monetary goals were met then certain executive Colleagues would get a pie in the face. Two of our executives ended up getting pied!
  • Breakfast: Casserole, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy and bacon were sold and profits went to United Way.
  • Division/department/team meetings: Teams came together for United Way meetings to learn more about the organization and to hear from people who have a United Way story.
  • Bake sale: Colleagues made various baked goods and sold them with proceeds benefitting United Way.

These are just a few of the activities that our Colleagues participated in to help raise awareness and money for the United Way. AFA Colleague Marshall Foo is a huge advocate of the United Way and is thankful that American Fidelity supports an organization that helps so many. “Having been on a couple of United Way financing sub-committees and going to behind the scenes tours, I have seen the good work that the United Way partner agencies do,” Marshall said. “More than that, after being discharged from the Marines, I was a single dad and the recipient of several agencies’ assistance: Catholic Charities; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Red Cross. More recently, the American Heart Association’s research has helped me with my more recent heart issues. Not only have I seen the benefits, but I have lived them as well.”

AFA Colleagues Support CASA of Oklahoma County

March 25, 2015 04:34 AM
Chari-teeDay On Friday, I will join other Colleagues in wearing a T-shirt to show support for this month’s featured charity, CASA of Oklahoma County. The mission of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Oklahoma County is to provide trained court-appointed volunteers who advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children in the Oklahoma County juvenile court system. The advocates work to ensure the best interests of the children are met and that the children receive all the services they need from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. They ensure the children’s voices are heard in court, at school and in the community. In 2013, more than 11,000 children were living in foster homes in Oklahoma; more than one third of those in Oklahoma County. About 200 volunteer advocates represent more than 700 children each year. Still, many children in Oklahoma County face their court cases without an advocate looking out for their best interests. Learn more about the organization from its website. I’m so proud to work for a Company and with fellow Colleagues who actively work to improve the quality of life in our community. Individually, we don’t have to donate a large amount, but collectively, we can have a huge impact! How important is it to you to work for a Company that supports charitable causes? In what ways does your Company contribute to the community? &