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Hot Jobs in Software Development and Actuarial

November 25, 2014 04:03 AM
Customer Service Jobs in OKC Check out American Fidelity’s hot jobs this week in software development and actuarial in Oklahoma City. Apply now or share with your friends! Salesforce Software Developer Are you a software developer experienced in working with Salesforce? Apply now to join our team! This developer will define system requirements, perform design and analysis, develop and test programs and perform routine maintenance and production support on applications. We’re seeking someone with Salesforce APEX coding experience who can design automations, customize platform user interface, create applications  and develop data integration procedures for the Salesforce platform. American Fidelity offers a dress for your day dress code, innovation opportunities and certification and training reimbursement. Para-Actuary We’re looking for a para-actuary to calculate, report and analyze data for actuarial purposes. This position will also create and modify spreadsheets and programs and provide related technical support. Candidates need one to three years of experience, basic understanding of actuarial concepts, organizational skills and the ability to create basic database applications. AFA provides a 401(k) and pension plan, incentive opportunities and on-site amenities such as a grill, gym, bank and medical clinic. Job Openings and Hiring Process Check out American Fidelity’s other OKC job openings and field sales positions, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AFA. If you have questions about our openings, let us know in the comments!

Hot Jobs in Actuarial and Benefits

September 16, 2014 02:45 AM
1556 Check out American Fidelity’s hot jobs this week in actuarial and benefits in Oklahoma City. Apply now or share with your friends! Para Actuary II Do you enjoy detailed work, analysis and solving problems? If you do and you have a basic understanding of actuarial concepts and experience working with spreadsheets, apply now for our para actuary II opening! If you join the AFA family, you’ll be joining a financially stable company with perks such as pension and 401(k) plans, incentive opportunities, tuition reimbursement, training, certification payment expenses and more! Benefits Manager Do love helping others and playing an integral role in a company’s success? We’re looking for someone with advanced knowledge of claim processing, state and federal regulations, case management, medical terminology and analytical skills to lead our benefits team in our Association and Worksite Division (AWD). This division focuses on serving Customers in the auto market, municipalities and healthcare. At American Fidelity, we provide paid holidays; a Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 7p.m. flexible workweek; on-site gym, bank, grill and medical clinic; medical, vision, dental and supplemental insurance; family events and more. Interested? Apply for the benefits manager opening today! Job Openings and Hiring Process Check out American Fidelity’s other OKC job openings and field sales positions, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AFA. If you have questions about our openings, let us know in the comments!

Hot Jobs in Actuarial and IT

July 22, 2014 02:45 AM
0982 Check out American Fidelity’s hot jobs this week in actuarial and IT in Oklahoma City. Apply now or share with your friends! Para Actuary II American Fidelity’s para actuary II will assist actuaries by retrieving, calculating, reporting and processing data. This position then determines if the data is reasonable and provides initial analysis of that data. The para actuary also creates and modifies spreadsheets and programs and provides technical support relating to actuarial processes. Candidates should have strong communications, problem-solving, teamwork, interpersonal, time-management and organizational skills. They also need the ability to create and develop basic Excel, SAS and other database applications, basic knowledge of actuarial concepts and willingness to take initiative. Data Developer AFA’s data developers develop ETL processes to extract, transform, cleanse and move data and metadata to load it into the data warehouse, data marts, ODS and enterprise databases. They also develop basic business intelligence (BI) applications, write and work with BI tools and analytic applications and maintain the integrity of the database structures. Candidates need experience in relational database systems, ETL, SQL, visual query tools and BI tools. They need to be able to create training programs and teach business users how to use BI tools and associated data sources. Skills needed include adaptability, communication, teamwork, self-motivation and organization. Job Openings and Hiring Process Check out American Fidelity’s other OKC job openings and field sales positions, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AFA. If you have questions about our openings, let us know in the comments!

A Real World Use for Math!

June 16, 2014 02:45 AM
heartnumbers Periodically, especially during the summer months, I see bright new faces in the hallway. These faces belong to our talented American Fidelity interns, so I make a special effort to learn a little about them. Internships at American Fidelity provide students with a great opportunity to earn professional experience in the corporate world. I recently met up with Margaret Vittitow, an intern in Group Product Management in the Associate Worksite Division (AWD); Luke Sandhop, an intern in the Product Actuarial Department in our Strategic Development Division (SDD); and Alex Scott, an intern in the Actuarial Resources Department. These three professed a love of math – I know, right? – and found AFA actuarial internships that allow them to put this passion to work. “Math was my favorite subject in school, and so I was excited to see what jobs used it in day-to-day life,” said Margaret. “When I heard about the actuarial internship, I decided to apply to be exposed to the workings of actuaries and learn more about what paths led others to become actuaries.” Alex interned last summer and enjoyed the experience so much, he returned this year. “I have fond memories of how welcomed I was as an intern,” said Alex. “I was invited to meetings, encouraged to attend events and many more things that I wouldn’t have expected to be a part of as an intern.” “I’m considering going into the actuarial field and thought that this internship would give me a good opportunity to see what being an actuary might be like,” added Luke. “I have learned that even though I have completed my senior year of college, there is still a lot I do not know. I would definitely say I have a more realistic expectation of what the working world will be like when I finally graduate.” Actuaries are very important to companies like American Fidelity, so we’re excited to have Margaret, Alex and Luke on board this summer to learn the ropes. Have you been able to channel a special interest of yours into a career?  Tell us about it in the comments.

New Hires

January 23, 2014 02:24 AM

Cristina Williamson_1 Laura White The past month has been busy for American Fidelity Home Office and field recruiters. We have a total of 23 new hires. Of those, 17 Colleagues joined the Home Office in Oklahoma City; American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES) division gained four account reps and the Association Worksite Division has two new account managers. I talked with two of our Home Office new hires to find out what they do, and what they like most about working at AFA so far. Cristina Williamson works in the Customer Service department, specifically with special keys in AFES. “The benefits, gym and grill are all great! My co-workers are a great group to work with,” Cristina said. “Everyone is always nice and willing to help.” Laura White joined our team as a benefits adjuster. One thing she loves about AFA is the atmosphere. “I have wonderful and supportive Colleagues and managers,” Laura said. “Walking through the halls I can tell people truly enjoy working here by their friendly demeanor and cheerful faces. I can tell AFA genuinely cares for their employees and treats them as family.” Help me welcome our other new hires by commenting!

  • Joshua Adams: ISD
  • Michael Barkhuff: Sales
  • Michael Bethune: Sales
  • April Buoy: Sales
  • Alexander Carr: ISD
  • Richard Datz: Sales
  • Laura Dunaway: Benefits
  • Ebenezer Eno (intern): ISD
  • Clara Figueroa: Life
  • Elizabeth Gatewood: Marketing
  • Wanda Glover: Customer Service
  • Michael Goodfriend: Sales
  • Hope Law: ISD
  • Allison Martin (intern): ISD
  • Jamelyn Parrish (intern): Benefits
  • Faye Van Nice: Annuity Services
  • Cole Walters: Sales
  • Julian Williams: ISD
  • Gabrielle Wise: ISD
  • Ed Pudlowski: Consulting
  • Jessica Waymire: Consulting

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Day in the Life: Actuary

November 6, 2013 07:21 AM

DSC_0834 Before I began working at American Fidelity, I had no idea what an actuary did. In fact, I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of actuaries before! Actuaries play a vital role in the success of insurance companies, so for this month’s Day in the Life feature I spoke with Doug Vrooman, actuarial analyst IV with 13 years of experience at AFA, to learn more about this field. To start, I asked Doug how he explains what an actuary does to someone who has never heard of one. “Actuaries use math concepts to price products or keep money aside to pay claims,” said Doug.  This helps ensure AFA prices products fairly and profitably while keeping money in reserve to pay future claims for Customers. Doug also provided a more in-depth explanation of his daily and monthly tasks: “We complete month-end processing, analyze data, create reserves, calculate reserve liability and work to improve our understanding of our products. In our department, each of the actuaries complete similar tasks, but for different products. This allows us to become experts on specific products and a resource for analyzing the performance of these products.” Doug enjoys his job because he gets to solve new, challenging, interesting problems each day and there are always opportunities to make things better. For those interested in becoming an actuary, Doug recommends have a solid math background, being detail-oriented and persistent. “Most actuary positions require you to have completed at least two of the actuarial exams, and you must continue passing additional exams to advance in the field. You have to be meticulous and determined to study for the exams and progress through them in a reasonable rate if you want to succeed in the field. Also, if you have collaboration and communications skills in addition to strong math skills, that will help set you apart.” Some universities offer actuarial science degrees that provide a good background for these exams, although many people, such as Doug, major in a similar field and study independently for the tests.  Doug used his math skills gained from his physics degree to help him begin his career as an actuary. For those considering an actuarial career, Doug recommends finding an actuary to job shadow and learn more about the field. Websites such as and provide great resources as well. If this sounds like a great career match for you, check out our job openings for a product actuary I and actuarial analyst VI today! Not a math person? Have no fear! We have job openings in other fields as well. Apply today!

New Hires at AFA

October 24, 2013 03:00 AM

Brian Gatwood (3) October has been another busy month for our recruiters, as we have added 20 new members to our American Fidelity team. Ready to serve the education industry, we have six new account reps in the American Fidelity Educational Services Division (AFES). In our Association Worksite Division (AWD) we have hired one new account manager. At our Home Office in Oklahoma City, we have 12 new AFA Colleagues. One of these Colleagues joined our Strategic Alliances division as a para actuary. Brian Gatewood joined our team just a couple of weeks ago. He has already dove into his position of reviewing and reporting budgets and giving input on layouts for a new benefit plan. I talked with Brian to find out why he chose American Fidelity and to get his advice for future job seekers. Brian interned with AFA while attending school at the University of Central Oklahoma. He enjoyed the different people and tasks he was involved with while interning, and the friendly atmosphere created an environment that he looked forward to work each day. He just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become full time! When I asked Brian what he likes most about working at AFA so far, his answer was easy – the people. “I think it is the people who work for AFA that make the Company great,” Brian said. “I feel like I can openly ask anyone questions and that I will receive a patient, constructive response. It’s one of the reasons I look forward to work each day…the people!” So naturally, Brian’s advice for future job seekers is to find a workplace that promotes growth and treats you like one of the family. Help me welcome our other recent new hires by commenting!

  • Alex Burnett: Support Center
  • Dang Le: Customer Service
  • Christopher Mitri: Support Center
  • Nicholas Spain: Support Center
  • Aimee Goulet: Customer Service
  • Catherine Chalos: Marketing
  • Lindsay Cavett: Field Training
  • Leah Babbitt: Human Resources
  • LaCandace Richardson: Customer Service
  • Christine Seapy: Enrollment
  • Jessica Waymire (intern): Marketing
  • Brittany Keppinger (intern): Benefits

If you’re interested in working for AFA, check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions.

Hot Jobs in Actuarial and Group Underwriting

October 15, 2013 02:45 AM

it jobs okc Check out American Fidelity’s hot jobs this week in actuarial and group underwriting in Oklahoma City. Apply now or share with your friends! Actuary American Fidelity is hiring a product actuary to develop and maintain specialized databases, programs and software tools to support actuarial activities. This position will also assist actuarial analysts with the development of complex spreadsheets and other projects. The candidate should be willing to further develop their actuarial knowledge by passing SOA actuarial exams. Ideal candidates will have one to three years of experience and a degree in math, computer science, actuarial science or a related technical field. They need strong communications, analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal and organizational skills. Candidates should also have a knowledge of spreadsheet applications; computer programming; Visual Basic, Macros or SQL; Microsoft Office applications and data requirements for product maintenance activities. Group Underwriter Group underwriters at American Fidelity are accountable for profitability, selection and retention of group products within an assigned area or market. They prepare renewal recommendations, create prospect proposals, negotiate proposal recommendations and develop business plans to meet the needs of both the Company and our Customers. Candidates should have knowledge of risk principles associated with group insurance, insurance contracts and compliance issues. Skills needed include: communication, analytical, leadership and organizational. A degree in business, math, computer science, insurance, management or a related field is preferred. Job Openings and Hiring Process Check out American Fidelity’s other OKC job openings and field sales positions and learn about our hiring process. If you have questions about our openings, let us know in the comments!