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Charity Day Helps Fellow Colleagues

February 1, 2016 05:56 AM

Chari-Tee Art Only Colleagues donate $2 per month to support a wide variety of charities in exchange for casual Fridays. The 2016 Charity Day program kicked off last week with donations to our Colleague Relief Fund.

In January, money was collected for a fund that helps Colleagues in need. Natural disasters, medical emergencies and other unexpected catastrophic events can create financial hardships for our Colleagues.

The fund, administered by the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, is designed to provide a safety net for Colleagues experiencing those challenges.

The Colleague Relief Fund was established after the devastating 2013 tornadoes in the Oklahoma City metro area. Several Colleagues’ homes were damaged and destroyed in the storm, and the fund helped them pay deductibles and expenses not covered by insurance.

To date, more than 20 Colleagues have received more than $30,000 to help them through difficult times.

Each month, Colleagues will donate to a different organization. The groups are nominated by Colleagues who support their efforts and selected by random drawing. Donations are made by payroll deduction to make supporting the program even easier.

The charity day program is just one way that American Fidelity makes it easy for Colleagues to support their favorite non-profit organizations.

What are some unique ways that you give to charity?

Charity Day Benefits Colleague Fund

January 26, 2015 05:53 AM
afaOKStrong-01 When Colleagues wear jeans and T-shirts to work later this week, they will be supporting fellow Colleagues who have financial needs. Proceeds from the January charity day will be given to the Colleague Relief Fund. Started after the tornadoes in 2013 rocked our community, the fund is designed to help Colleagues who are going through tornadoes in their personal lives that are causing financial hardships. The fund is managed by the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, and contributions are tax deductible. Grants from this fund are made only to American Fidelity Colleagues. Colleagues may apply for grants if they (or their family members) are experiencing financial hardship due to long-term illnesses, serious accidents, house fires, tornadoes or other disasters. In addition, if an active Colleague passes away, a grant is given to the surviving spouse or family member. The Colleague Relief Fund is here to provide a safety net for Colleagues in their times of need. Our Colleagues are quick to step up and help when a member of the American Fidelity family needs it, and this fund gives them an avenue to do it. What other ways do companies help their Colleagues who are going through tough times?

2015 Charity Day Schedule Set

November 24, 2014 03:22 AM
Chari-teeDay In November, our thoughts naturally turn to giving thanks for the wonderful things going on in our lives. Sometimes, those things are a result of help we received from a non-profit organization, and we want to thank them in return. American Fidelity gives Colleagues an opportunity to do that through our charity day program. Each fall, Colleagues are invited to nominate their favorite charities to receive proceeds from monthly days designated for charity. Colleagues pay $2 each to wear a T-shirt on the designated day, and all the funds collected are donated to that month’s featured charity. Colleagues support a wide variety of charities, and it shows during the annual charity lottery. Nearly 50 organizations were nominated for the 2015 charity day schedule. They then were selected randomly to be featured as the charity of the month. Two dates are set automatically – in January, we’ll support the Colleague Relief Fund, which provides financial assistance for Colleagues experiencing hardships; and in June we host our annual school supply drive for our partner school, Buchanan Elementary. Here are the groups that will receive funds from American Fidelity Colleagues in 2015.
Jan. 30 Colleague Relief Fund
Feb. 27 The Children's Center Rehabilitation Center
March 27 CASA of Oklahoma County
April 24 Ally's House
May 29 No Boundaries International
June 26 Buchanan School Supply Drive
July 31 Angels Foster Care Oklahoma
Aug. 28 Friends of the Shelter Foundation

Colleagues Support Charity Donations

December 16, 2015 03:37 AM

Chari-Tee Art Only Our Colleagues are a generous group, and they support a wide range of organizations that help locally, nationally and around the globe. Each year, Colleagues are invited to nominate their favorite charities to receive charity donations for one month in the following year. The charities are selected by a random drawing, although the annual school supply drive to benefit our partner school always is one of the designated charity days. Another constant is our Colleague Relief Fund, which provides grants to Colleagues experiencing financial hardship due to natural disasters, medical issues or other calamities. Colleagues then pay $2 each to wear T-shirts on the designated day of the month with proceeds going to the selected charity. About 40 individual charities were nominated for 2016. Take a look at the charities that were selected to receive proceeds in 2016.

January Colleague Relief Fund
February Big Brothers Big Sisters
March Leadership OKC’s Youth Leadership Exchange
April Family Builders
May Water4
June Buchanan Elementary School Supply Drive
July Solo Parent Foundation
August Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program
September Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
October Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma
November Possibilities, Inc.
December Catholic Charities

What charity would you nominate, and why? Tell us in the comments!

Charity Proceeds Benefit Rainbow Girls

July 21, 2014 03:47 AM
Chari-teeDay On the last Friday of each month, the halls of the Home Office are full of Colleagues sporting bright green “chari-tee” shirts. The shirts show support of the charity that will receive that month’s donations. Colleagues pay $2 a month to participate in the charity day, and many of them are enrolled in payroll deduction to automatically support each charity. Last December, we talked about how the charities are nominated by Colleagues and selected by lottery. In July, our Colleagues are supporting the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, an organization dedicated to teaching leadership, confidence and citizenship. Rainbow Girls volunteer for their community and travel around the world, visiting other clubs and making new friends. Along the way, they gather invaluable life skills. Currently, Rainbow Girls are working to help the Cavett Kids Foundation, whose mission is developing character, coping, and connection for kids battling life-threatening illnesses. Each month, American Fidelity Colleagues donate almost $1,000 to the featured organization. We’re proud to support the non-profit groups that work so hard to strengthen and improve the quality of life in the community where we live.

Day in the Life

October 2, 2014 02:46 AM
1556 If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in what it’s like to work at AFA. While it’s nice to hear from recruiters like me about why you might want to work here, it’s good to hear from Colleagues in other areas too. Our Day in the Life column features a different Colleague each month talking about their jobs, how they help Customers and what they like about American Fidelity. Check out the previous columns to help you get a better picture of life at AFA: We want to hear from you! Which of these areas would you like to see featured in an upcoming column? Let us know in the comments!
  • Data developer
  • Accountant
  • Compliance
  • Colleague Relations
  • Creative Services
Like what you see? Apply for one of our openings today!

AF Supports Jubilee Partners

November 16, 2015 04:30 AM

Chari-teeDay This Friday American Fidelity Colleagues will be wearing our green “chari-tee” shirts and all proceeds from our November charity day will go to Jubilee Partners. Jubilee Partners supports local, urban youth by providing them with opportunities to further their education, develop healthy relationships and build life skills. Programs at Jubilee Partners include the following.

  • Jubilee Academy
  • After School Program
  • Equine Therapy
  • Mentoring
  • Summer Kid’s Club
  • Student Leadership

Learn more about Jubilee Partners and how you can get involved. One Friday each month our Colleagues support a local charity. Check back later this week to see what charities we will donate to next year for AF Charity Days. &

You Decide Which Charity Receives $1,000!

September 11, 2013 03:05 AM

Charity_Graphic_V3_TW_1200x600_ With school back in session, American Fidelity wants to give back to the local community and support a charity that provides education-related programs. Many of our Customers serve as educators and school administrators, so education is close to our heart. We selected three Oklahoma City-based charities and are letting you vote on which one will receive a $1,000 donation from AFA! You can help one of these charities receive the donation by placing your vote today, and as many times as you’d like from Sept. 11 through Sept. 25. And don’t forget to tell your friends to follow us and vote! Learn about the charities:

  • Calm Waters directly serves approximately 3,000 children, youth and adults annually. They strive to help children and their families cope with grief caused by death, divorce or other significant loss. Learn more about Calm Waters.  
  • Positive Tomorrows is a private, tuition-free elementary school that aims to meet the educational and social service needs of homeless children and their families. Check out Positive Tomorrows.
  • Smart Start is Oklahoma’s statewide early childhood initiative. Start Smart seeks to provide better opportunities to children in our state. Learn about Start Smart Oklahoma.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @afacareers and @amfidelity, and like us on Facebook, AFA Careers and American Fidelity. You can vote as many times as you want. Which charity are you supporting? Let us know why you like them in the comments!

Day in the Life: Special Investigator

March 12, 2014 02:50 AM

brandi_edited Brandi Clark has one of the coolest job titles at American Fidelity – special investigator. It may sound like a job more suited to the CIA than AFA, but Brandi and her teammates play an important role in protecting our Colleagues, Company and Customers. Brandi starts her day with a large thermos of coffee and a stack of open cases to review. On a good day, she’ll focus on five to six cases while juggling emails, calls and instant messages with updates or questions about other cases. Throughout the day she’ll receive new cases to open, questions from Customers or Colleagues and updates from doctors or vendors about the numerous other cases she has open – all in various stages of completion. So what exactly are these cases? “It ranges from common, honest mistakes on an enrollment form to someone not affiliated with American Fidelity attempting to use our name fraudulently to a Customer going back to work while on disability without notifying us,” Brandi reports. “Compliance laws for insurance companies vary by state, so we have to stay up to date on all of the laws and ensure we follow the correct process and also that we explain everything clearly to everyone involved.” Brandi’s experience working in a district attorney’s office prior to joining American Fidelity seven years ago comes in handy when she works with the legal team and when she’s had to travel out of state to testify in court. Fortunately, most cases don’t reach that step and are resolved through communication. “When I’m investigating something that’s been reported as suspicious, I always want the answer to be that it was just a mistake. Every time I’m able to prove that gives me hope,” Brandi shares. “It’s one of the best parts of my job. I enjoy what I do and the people that I work with.” Special investigators aren’t the only American Fidelity Colleagues who help protect Customers. Colleagues are trained to protect our Customers and their information. No matter what position a Colleague holds, Customers are our focus. Now that you’ve learned about Brandi, get a glimpse into a Day in the Life of some of our other Colleagues.

Day in the Life – Compliance

November 6, 2014 02:52 AM
[caption id="attachment_2327" align="alignnone" width="300"]Shari Vick Shari Vick, Compliance Team Leader[/caption] When you hear the word “compliance” what do you think about? Lawyers? Legal requirements? Following rules? You probably think of something along those lines. While our product compliance team does deal with following legal requirements, they also do much more than that, including product development, research, policy writing and more. I interviewed Shari Vick, compliance team leader, to learn more about this department and her open position. When friends ask Shari what she does, she has a great way of explaining a complicated job. “I ask them if they have one of the policy types we offer, such as a cancer or accident insurance policy, and then explain that I write those policies and ensure they comply with the law,” Shari explains. Shari’s team collaborates with other areas in the Company to develop products. Her team researches items relating to policies so that they can create a clear, precise policy. For example, for a cancer policy they may need to research various cancer treatments, consult with our medical director about the stages of cancer or determine what would be defined as a home health care. They can then write a policy that can be clearly and fairly implemented. “One of the things I love about my job is that I get to learn about so many topics from the research we do,” said Shari. “To succeed in this job, you really need to love to read because we spend a lot of time reading articles and researching to write policies. You need to be able to read and understand legislation and be able to analyze if it applies to our products. You also need to be able to juggle a variety of projects and collaborate with others.” Sound like fun? You could join Shari’s team! We currently have an opening for a compliance analyst. The team would prefer someone with annuities experience to complement the rest of the team’s experience, but will consider candidates with other types of compliance experience. Check out our previous Day in the Life stories to learn more about the different departments within AFA!