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March 6, 2013 01:32 AM

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Inside AFA is your place to get an inside look at an employer of choice, learn about job opportunities at our headquarters in OKC and sales positions throughout the U.S. and receive updates about American Fidelity Assurance Company.

Watch for these regular columns:

What’s happening at AFA?

  • This weekly column features information about what’s going on at American Fidelity. We might discuss events, news stories, Colleague achievements or other updates.

Hot Jobs

A Day in the Life

  • Each month we’ll interview AFA Colleagues about their job, career path, how they landed their jobs at American Fidelity and more.

Ask a Recruiter

If you’re not looking for a job, it’s also a great source for discussing corporate events, recognition programs, benefits/perks and more! We’ll share our ideas – and we want to hear yours!

Have something you’d like to see us discuss? We want to hear from you!

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