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Why work at a boring insurance company?

May 15, 2013 03:15 AM

Dave CarpenterI asked American Fidelity’s president, Dave Carpenter, to share his thoughts on why someone would want to work at AFA. Here’s his candid response:

Why would you want to work at a boring insurance company? I could tell you we have competitive pay, great benefits, a promote-from-within policy and a great training program – all of which is true – but that is not why you ought to come to work here.

You should come to work here if you want to feel like you belong, are valued and can make a difference. We embrace Colleagues and truly do our best to make you feel like you should be a part of our Company. But more than that, every day you are here you will make a positive difference in someone’s life – either a fellow Colleague or one of our insureds. In turn, we will make a difference in your life. We will celebrate with you, laugh with you and cry with you. We will be your second family. In addition, we offer something a lot of companies offer in words but not in practice. We offer opportunity.

If your desire is to have an opportunity to feel good about what you do, we have thousands of policyholders who we serve each and every day that you can feel good about. I

f you desire to have an opportunity to advance, we have excellent training programs, but more importantly, we have enough change in our organization that creates new opportunities to utilize your training.

If you want to have an opportunity to participate in making, and driving, change, this is the company for you. We value input and participation.

Most importantly, if you want to work for a company with high morals and ethics, you need to work here. If you want to work for a company that is not afraid to change, you need to work here. If you want to work for a great company, one that works hard to be fair, you need to work here.

We all long for certainty. At American Fidelity Assurance we realize that it is up to us to provide certainty for our Customers and our fellow Colleagues. We cannot hand that responsibility to someone else or we will cease to exist. Our Family Dedicated To Yours means that we own the responsibility to provide certainty to Customers, Colleagues and shareholders each and every day – a formidable responsibility – but one that provides a sense of purpose and worth to all that we do here every day.

This is why you should work at AFA!

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