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What's Happening at AFA?

February 25, 2013 04:54 AM


Welcome to the Inside AFA blog and the first of many What’s Happening at AFA blog posts.  Whether you’re interested in working at American Fidelity or just want to learn about the Company and what happens, read this column each Monday to find out what’s going on for the week, what happened last week or maybe what’s going to happen in the weeks to come. Here are some topics you might read about when you visit the column:

  • Serving our Customers
  • Celebrating serving our Customers through Customer service week
  • Events to show appreciation to our Colleagues
  • Short and sweet parking lot events to boost morale
  • Donating or participating in community efforts
  • AFA’s up and coming big move

Read our What’s Happening column each week and stay informed on what we are doing at American Fidelity. You can also find more information about AFA and our job opportunities on our social media sites. Like our Facebook page, AFACareers, and follow us on Twitter!

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