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What’s Happening at AFA I Wellness at Work

September 29, 2014 02:18 AM
AFA_067w You probably know by now that American Fidelity truly cares about its Colleagues. From the perks and benefits to our fun events, the Company is dedicated to us. One way AFA shows its support of Colleagues is through our various wellness resources.
  • The Core: Our on-site fitness center provides Colleagues with the ability to exercise right here at work. Some Colleagues come in early, some go at lunch and others wait until the evening. There is ample equipment, and we have two personal trainers who also teach various exercise classes.
  • Saints On Site: The on-site medical clinic is staffed by certified nurse practitioners for Colleagues to visit for routine check-ups, vaccinations, lab work and more.
  • Wellness Incentives: AFA provides a financial incentive to Colleagues who complete a confidential online health assessment from our medical insurance provider. The assessment helps Colleagues figure out where they need to improve.
  • CPR Training: At AFA we offer free CPR, First Aid and AED training to our Colleagues. Those who are certified may also opt to be First Responders for their areas.
  • Flu Shots: In just a couple of weeks our Colleagues will be getting free flu shots to help stay healthy during the season. It’s as simple as signing up for their short appointment, and walking a few steps to an area onsite where the shots will be given.
  • Cooperative Expense Sharing: This program promotes healthy living and physical activity in Colleagues’ lives by offsetting the costs associated with fitness center memberships or healthy individual and/or team event.
  • Live Smart Achievement Award: Colleagues can be awarded for their hard work and dedication to living healthy.
These are just a few of the wellness benefits at AFA. It’s not just all of the great things that AFA offers, but our Colleagues offer opportunities for each other! Quite often we have Colleagues who participate on recreational sports teams who are looking for additional teammates right here at work. There are chances for rowing, playing soccer and softball, and more. What health benefits do you look for in a company?

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