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What’s Happening at AFA I New Health Care Reform Consulting Services Company

September 23, 2013 03:00 AM
One of the reasons I think American Fidelity is a great place to work is our focus on serving our Customers. We really listen to our Customers and then look for ways to find solutions to their needs. A major pain point for many of our Customer groups right now is navigating the changes that Health Care Reform requirements bring upon them. We recently announced the launch of a new member of the American Fidelity family of Companies, American Fidelity Administrative Services, LLC (AFAS). By providing guidance, health and welfare benefit plan analysis and helping Customers set strategies to meet benefit plan issues, we can partner with our employer groups and add even more value to the services we provide “One of the primary reasons Customers have turned to us for assistance with Health Care Reform and other health and welfare benefit plan issues is that we are independent – we do not insure major medical coverage. As such, we are well positioned to offer an objective view of all available options for our Customers,” said Susan Relland, vice president of AFAS. AFAS helps educate employers about the Health Care Reform law and provide a variety of options to help them understand what actions they must take. Want to learn more about the health and welfare benefit consulting services provided by AFAS? Check out the website!

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