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What's Happening at AFA I Looking to the Future

March 18, 2013 02:30 AM

Last week I told you about how we like to celebrate our accomplishments as a team. Not only did Company leaders deliver a treat to our desks, but many of the divisions were able to have their own celebrations for our hard work and dedication to our Customers.ISD Bonus PartyOur Information Services Division Colleagues were treated to breakfast at our onsite grill on Friday morning. Members of the American Fidelity Educational Services Division, Association Worksite Division and the Worksite Group headed offsite to the Express Event Center for a little food and fun. The Corporate and Human Resources Division Colleagues enjoyed a little cheese, chocolate and good company with a trip to the Melting Pot. Other celebrations took place throughout the Company.

While we had a great time celebrating, we also had the chance to learn about the future of AFA and what we can do to continue providing quality Customer service and making this a great place to work at our all-Colleague meetings called Colleague Connection. The owner of our Company, Bill Cameron, our CEO Dave Carpenter and other executives take time to present information to all of our Colleagues at these meetings. Last week we recapped 2012, remembering how we came together, made a plan to reduce expenses and continue improving Customer service and because of that we ended the year better than we imagined.

Striving to be always future-oriented (one of our core values), we also learned a little about the future of AFA. We hope to begin the first phase of our move to our new location in September 2013. Our CEO shared his excitement for all of the great things that will come with the move.

Aside from the move, we are going to work on becoming better communicators with each other and our Customers. We will continue to be niche focused and provide the Customer service we would want as Customers. In 2013, we are looking to improve our processes and effectiveness by doing more with less waste. This will help keep AFA moving forward with the ever changing world!

Interested in joining our team? You can check out our openings here.

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