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What’s Happening at AFA I Leadership Development

March 3, 2014 01:42 AM

American Fidelity Retirement At American Fidelity our Colleagues strive to learn and grow in every position from top to bottom. One way we help each other do that is by providing feedback on the work we do. Managers do this through reviews with their Colleagues once a year and in turn, Colleagues have the opportunity to complete the Leadership Development Assessment (LDA). The LDA is an anonymous way for Colleagues to provide developmental feedback to their managers. Based on results, managers develop action plans to improve their skills and address any issues their Colleagues identify as areas for improvement. This is a great way for our Colleagues to feel comfortable expressing any feedback, positive or negative, they may have for their supervisor. Some managers even take on the tough task of sharing their results with their teams as well as their plans for improvement. What ways do you prefer to get feedback? Let us know in the comments!

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