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What’s Happening at AFA I Internship Opportunities

March 31, 2014 02:15 AM
0634 Are you well on your way to college graduation? Have you already started looking for job opportunities? When I was in your shoes I noticed many jobs required some experience. So, I thought, how do I go about getting that experience? The answer- internships! Internships can be the one up you have on other job candidates. They provide that experience that so many companies are looking for in job candidates. American Fidelity offers internship opportunities throughout the Company on an as-needed basis. We are currently looking for a Customer service intern to work in our Association Worksite Division. The position will work with medical providers and Customers. Experience on our Customer service team provides a great foundation for understanding the Company as whole and Colleagues in this area get to help people every day. We are also hiring a summer architect intern in our building office. This position will assist with new construction for a multi-housing project, measure and set up a 54,000 square foot office building in AutoCAD and perform other duties associated with commercial and residential property management. Worried that you might just be fetching coffee and donuts each day? There’s no need to worry about that at AFA. We take a hands-on approach with our interns and really let them get the experience they are looking for. During my intern experience I worked on many projects that would be given to full-time Colleagues. A piece of advice? Always be willing to give anything a shot. It shows your dedication and proves that you are a team player. Interning, that’s how I got my job at AFA! If you’re interested in one of our open intern positions, send in your resume today. Other opportunities will be open in the future so be sure to follow AFA Careers Twitter and like our Facebook page to see updates. Check out a past blog post for tips on landing an internship with impact!

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