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What’s Happening at AFA I Insure Your Love During Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 8, 2014 02:49 AM
LIAM-Logo Do you know how your family members would pay the bills if something were to happen that took you away from them? Life insurance can provide someone with the chance to continue on with a clean financial slate in the event loved ones are lost who provide for them each day. That’s one of the reasons AFA provides life and other supplemental life insurance products to our Customers and Colleagues. To remind Americans of the need for life insurance, September is recognized as Life Insurance Awareness Month by the LIFE Foundation and American Fidelity uses this time to help educate Customers, Colleagues and potential Customers about insurance and how it can help protect you and your loved ones. . More than 50 years ago, AFA was founded on a fundamental belief: The most important asset anyone has is their ability to work and earn a living. With this belief AFA began selling our first product, disability insurance. As we have seen new needs arise for our Customers, we’ve added additional products to our lineup to help protect their financial security. One of these products is life insurance. Helping make sure families are financially protected in the event of a loved one’s death is an important way of caring for future needs. AFA offers several life insurance products at the worksite. Visit the LIFE Foundation to learn more about life insurance and try some of their interactive tools to find out your coverage needs. Insure your love today!

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