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What’s Happening at AFA I Family Event

October 21, 2013 03:05 AM

DSC_0836 One of the great things about working at American Fidelity is all of the events we have for Colleagues to show how much the Company appreciates our hard work and dedication to our Customers. This year we voted on what type of events to have. This weekend is our family event, and we chose to spend a day at Frontier City. Come Saturday we will be hanging out with our families and fellow Colleagues for a day of rides, food and fun! So far this year, we have had a food truck event where multiple food trucks came to the AFA parking lot and served up lunch. We had Jamba Juice bring in a variety of smoothies and AFA gave Colleagues a chance to win some prizes. Most recently, we had Roxy’s Ice Cream Social onsite for a cool snack. We aren’t finished for the year! In a couple of weeks we will have our Halloween costume contest and then in December we will celebrate AFA’s birthday. What are your favorite kinds of company events? Short and sweet, parking lot, offsite, full-day, family invited? Let us know in the comments! &

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