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What’s Happening at AFA I Celebrating Birthdays

January 13, 2014 02:17 AM


At American Fidelity we are a family Company, and families celebrate special days with each other. One of the ways we celebrate is by wishing our Colleagues a happy birthday during their birthday month. Everyone enjoys getting a little extra birthday treat! In past years we have celebrated with small birthday parties, cupcakes and parking space and movie ticket drawings. Much like we did in 2013, this year we are sending our Colleagues a card during their birthday month. With the card they receive a small gift and the opportunity to enter a drawing for the birthday parking space in the lot of their choice. This year all Colleagues celebrating a birthday during the specific month will be entered for a chance to win movie tickets to the theater of their choice. This is just another way American Fidelity shows it’s appreciation to our Colleagues for all they do.

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