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What’s Happening at AFA │Getting Our Food Truck Fix

July 14, 2014 02:30 AM
food truck When you hear “Oklahoma” and “food” in the same sentence, what comes to mind? Chicken-fried steak? Barbecue? Cornbread? While those dishes will always hold a special place in the hearts of most Oklahomans, our palates are expanding thanks in part to a recent food truck explosion. American Fidelity’s hometown of Oklahoma City is home to H&8th Night Market, “America’s Biggest Food Truck Event.” On the last Friday evening of the month from March through October, more than 30 food trucks set up shop not too far from our Home Office. I know I love hanging out on a beautiful Oklahoma night, listening to live music and enjoying tasty treats from one or two or three local food trucks. AFA Colleagues are lucky that we don’t have to wait until the last Friday night of the month to get our food truck fix. This summer, Roxy’s Ice Cream Social, a food truck serving homemade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, is making a monthly stop at our Home Office. My Colleagues and I grab a bite in our on-site grill and then head outside for some cool refreshment. I’m trying to decide how bad it will look if I get a triple dip – salted caramel, lemon sorbet and cherry – the next time Roxy’s is here. I definitely try to visit The Core, our on-site fitness center, on ice cream day! To provide our Colleagues in the new building with a tasty lunch option, every week AFA makes arrangements for a different truck to serve up foods ranging from seafood from Off the Hook to cajun from La Gumbo Ya Ya to sandwiches from The Meat House to pizza from The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen to egg rolls from Taste of Soul to barbecue from Smokin’ Okies. I like to go visit my friends in the new building on food truck days. What a delicious way to support local business owners! What’s your favorite food truck? Let us know in the comments.

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