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What's Happening at AFA | Celebrating a Successful Year

March 16, 2015 08:46 AM
AFA President Dave C. Greets Employee Benefits Counsel Lorianne K. in Celebration of 2014 Success
AFA President Dave C. Greets Employee Benefits Counsel Lorianne K.
One of the best things about working for American Fidelity is that the Company rewards Colleagues for our hard work. On Friday we celebrated the success we had in 2014 through a variety of ways. Teams enjoyed breakfast together, hosted a costume contest, catered lunch or even danced in celebration. The events allowed departments to have some fun while remembering all the ways we served our Customers in 2014. We serve thousands of Customers each day, whether it’s by answering their questions, helping them enroll in new products, paying claims or making flexible spending account reimbursements. Our Customers rely on us to help them through tough times. Our executive team recognizes the dedication our Colleagues have to ensuring Customers get what they need, so they join in the celebrations as well. This year executives greeted Colleagues at the entrances to our buildings to thank them for their dedication and surprise them with a treat and card. Our Colleague events team was on hand to help keep the goodies stocked, and I was lucky enough to watch Dave Carpenter, AFA president, in action. Dave’s known for being personable, having an open-door policy and even sending out personalized video greetings to each new Colleague. But I was still impressed watching him greet our Colleagues and ask them specific questions about their jobs, current projects and personal lives. He knew who was getting married soon and who had a big presentation coming up, not to mention knowing that someone was not only in Customer Service, but which product they specialize in! With more than 1,100 Colleagues in our Home Office alone, that’s quite an accomplishment! Another of our executives was on vacation last week, but still came in at 6:45 Friday morning to be there to thank Colleagues. When asked by a Colleague why he was in on his day off, he said: “I am helping, here to serve and glad to do it!” Examples like these happen all the time here. Our executives truly appreciate our Colleagues, treat them as more than numbers and get to know them and thank them for making AFA successful. How do you like to celebrate at work?

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