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What Not to Write

March 13, 2013 03:08 AM

Woman with resumeThere are a million resources about what to include on your resume, but have you ever thought about what not to write? I talked to our recruiting team to get a few insights into items you should leave off the resume. Share your ideas in the comments!

  • Jamie Owings, career development specialist
    • Acronyms – Make sure to spell them out. It’s better to play it safe because the recruiter may not be familiar with the acronym even if it’s typical in your industry.
      • Salary negotiable – This states the obvious.
      • References available on request – This phrase is dated and is better left off.
  • Kim Brecheen, senior performance management and recruiting specialist
    • Me/I – Referring to yourself too often looks self-absorbed and like you won’t be a team player.
    • Fast paced – This can rule you out if the hiring manager doesn’t think the position is fast paced or will be challenging enough for the candidate.
    • Perfectionist – This word is intimidating and can reflect that you’re hard to work with.
  • Ashley Welch, workforce development and recruiting specialist
    • High school references – You don’t need to include the year you graduated, specific courses, location information, etc.
    • Instead of using words such as exceptional, proven results, innovative, etc., give specific examples that demonstrate those ideas.

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