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Welcoming AFA New Hires

March 28, 2013 03:19 AM

af_113wAt American Fidelity we hire new Colleagues on a regular basis, and I wanted to use today’s post to welcome our most recent new hires. In the past month, AFA hired 14 new Colleagues for home office and field positions.

In the field, three Colleagues have been added to our Educational Services Division. These Colleagues work to help provide financial assistance to those in the education industry across the nation. We also have a new account manager in the Association Worksite Division. This Colleague focuses on the healthcare, auto and municipality niches, also providing financial assistance.

At our Oklahoma City home office, AFA hired 10 new Colleagues. Help me welcome them to their new positions.

  • April Hall: rep, benefits adjuster
  • Diana Nguyen: rep, customer support unit
  • Jason Martz: rep, customer service
  • Tamara Cobb: field secretary
  • Sabrina Jones: rep, benefits adjuster
  • Kellen Stokes: analyst, group underwriting
  • Scott Miller: analyst, support center
  • Shawn Verzilli: analyst, technical infrastructure
  • Maria Zink: rep, customer service
  • Rick McMullin: analyst, corporate tax manager

Welcome to all of our new Colleagues.

I hope you enjoy your time with us at American Fidelity! If you’re looking for a job be sure and check out our openings and our hiring process. Have some questions you’d like to ask our recruiters? Submit your question here and we will answer it in one of our monthly Ask a Recruiter posts.

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