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AF News Hires 7-6-2016

July 6, 2016 10:30 AM

Throughout the month of June our recruiters were very busy hiring Colleagues at our Home Office and across the country for our field sales positions. We hired a total of 23 new Colleagues. Nine of those are working in the field and the other 14 are at our Home Office in OKC.

Welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Susan Barnes: Enrollment Solutions
  • Tiffiany Booth: Customer Engagement
  • Caitlin Campbell: Special Services
  • Kyndal Clark: Sales
  • Adam Desgain: Sales
  • Mike Devergilio: Sales
  • Matt Eidson: Financial Management Services
  • Laura Faulkner: Sales
  • Adrian Guess: Sales
  • Jason Hague: Sales
  • Rebecca Hunter: Law
  • DeAngelo Jackson: Sales
  • Carson James (intern): Internal Audit
  • Spoorthy Kethireddy (intern): ISD Services
  • Cory McArthy: Sales
  • Matt McRae: ISD Services
  • Jordan Meadors: Billing
  • Priscilla Muiuane: ISD Services
  • Kylie Skaggs: Benefits
  • Izzy Standridge: Benefits
  • Erin Thompson (intern): Law
  • Eric Vanderlaan: Sales
  • Tennille Whiteman: Talent Management

Are you interested in joining our team? Check out our job openings and get tips on getting hired at American Fidelity. If you’re looking for an internship opportunity, please send your resume to

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