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Thunder, American Fidelity Team Up to Distribute 100,000 Books

March 4, 2015 03:10 AM
Thunder Books 100,000 books 32,000 miles 1,300 site visits 6 years The Rolling Thunder book bus made its first appearance in February 2009 at the state Capitol. A group of students from Buchanan Elementary – American Fidelity’s partner school – were invited to be the first students to get a free book from the bus. American Fidelity has been a partner in the NBA Thunder’s education initiatives – including the Rolling Thunder – from the beginning. “It was so exciting to be at the state Capitol in 2009 when the Rolling Thunder book bus debuted,” said Colleague Lisa Burchfield. “But I don’t think any of us recognized the impact the bus would have. Just six years later, the bus has distributed 100,000 books, and thousands of kids in central Oklahoma who may have never owned a book of their own now have them in their homes.” American Fidelity has been a partner in the Oklahoma City's Thunder’s education initiatives, including the Rolling Thunder, from the beginning. Since that time, the bus has traveled more than 32,000 miles making about 1,300 stops at schools, daycares and summer programs. Earlier this week, we celebrated putting 100,000 books in the hands of schoolchildren who boarded the Rolling Thunder. Buchanan students were involved again, this time at their own school during an assembly that featured the drum line, Storm Chasers, Thunder Girls and an appearance by two Thunder players. Most students were released to their classrooms where they received a book and a Thunder bag. But third-graders all were allowed to board the bus in small groups and choose their own book. These children now know their own excitement about getting a book from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They know their heroes from the court prioritize reading. Some of them will get hooked on books. And that’s what it’s all about. &

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