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Three Strategies the Olympics Teach Us about Teamwork

February 20, 2014 01:45 AM

hockey U.S. Women's Hockey Team[/caption] Whether it’s team figure skating, bobsledding, doubles luging or hockey, the Olympics clearly display the power of teamwork. Even in individual events, such as the new slopestyle event, competitors can often be seen cheering each other on and celebrating each other’s successes. While American Fidelity Colleagues may not be in the running to win any Olympic medals this year, we do work together in many of the same ways these athletes d Sharing the Work Whether it’s two or four men or women, bobsledding requires sharing the work. It also requires a lot of trust. In the two-man sleds one person steers while the other person has their head down and is unable to see the course. You have to rely on your teammate to do their part. That’s often true at American Fidelity as well. We love team projects and collaboration and know that we’re stronger together. That requires building relationships with each other and hiring great team members we know can do their part. Playing to Each Other’s Strengths The 2014 Olympics featured the first time team figure skating competition. Teammates compete in their specialty and knew their roles. On the U.S., for example, favorites Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s roll was to win the ice dancing portion, while individual male skater and Olympic newcomer Jason Brown’s role wasn’t to win his portion, he just needed to place high enough keep the U.S. in the medal race. When we start a new team project at AFA, we also look at the strengths and areas of expertise of our Colleagues to put together the best team for that project. For example, our wellness team includes our on-site clinic medical assistant, a personal trainer from our fitness center, a representative from our food services team, an HR Colleague and a communications specialist who all work together to ensure we keep all of the different areas of wellness in mind and can work together for the best interest of our Colleagues and Company. Giving Credit T.J. Oshie made four incredible goals during the shoot out of the USA vs. Russia men’s hockey game, culminating in the game-winning goal. He immediately pointed his teammate Jonathan Quick to credit him for the amazing saves he made. USA wouldn’t have won the game without both players’ stellar performance in the shoot out, not to mention the rest of the team’s performance during the rest of the game. At AFA, when we complete projects we strive to share credit with all of the team members who participated. Often, team members have a celebration to thank everyone for the hard work they did to make the project a success. Depending on the project scope, this might be something like cupcakes, lunch or time off. How do you collaborate at work? Do you consider the team environment when looking for a job?

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