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Supporting the Run to Remember

April 23, 2014 04:01 AM
Water_Stop_Blog Dozens of American Fidelity Colleagues will run in the Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon or support the participants at a water stop along the course. Supporting the Run to Remember Last Saturday, the Oklahoma City community remembered the tragedy 19 years ago that left 168 of our family members, friends and neighbors dead after the Murrah building was bombed. This Sunday, the community will come together again to celebrate the survivors and the indomitable spirit of Oklahoma during the annual Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon. Dozens of my fellow Colleagues will be involved either by running in the race or volunteering to support those who do run. The race course passes directly in front of our Home Office on Classen Boulevard, and a group of us will be there to man a water stop and cheer on the runners. The race has special meaning to all of us who lived in the Oklahoma City area on April 19, 1995. Whether we’re running or volunteering, it’s a way for us to honor those who died and to celebrate life. The marathon draws participants from around the globe, and gives us as Oklahomans the opportunity to show them that the Oklahoma Standard means our community will rise to any challenge and that we will work together to overcome adversity with strength and compassion. As American Fidelity Colleagues, we’re proud to be a part of that. I may not be able to run a marathon myself, but I can still be a part of this event by serving water and encouraging the participants on Sunday. How do you get involved in the Memorial Marathon or other community events?

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