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Staying Connected (1)

April 6, 2015 08:21 AM
& [caption id="attachment_2748" align="alignnone" width="300"]CEO Bill Cameron Speaks at Colleague Connection CEO Bill Cameron Speaks at Colleague Connection[/caption] One of the ways that our executives keep Colleagues engaged is by ensuring we all know what’s going on throughout the Company. Twice a year, our executives take time from their busy schedules to conduct town hall meetings, we call them Colleague Connection. To make sure all of our Colleagues have a chance to attend, last week, two meetings were held in our Broadway location, and three additional meetings will be conducted this week in the Classen complex. Our Company owner, Bill Cameron, makes the meetings a priority and ensures he is there to talk with the Colleagues. During this session, Bill emphasized the importance of our culture and our emphasis on being an Employer of Choice for all of our Colleagues. Executive Vice President Jeanette Rice shared specific examples of projects that have been done to continue to make AFA a great place to work. Company President Dave Carpenter shared how American Fidelity is performing. He went into detail about the various investments the Company is making so that we can better serve our Customers and talked about the importance of keeping up with technology and changing trends in our industry in order to remain a strong contender in the market. At the end of each session, Colleagues are given the opportunity to send in or ask questions about any aspect of the Company, and Dave, Bill and Jeanette answer them candidly and openly. At least one meeting is video-taped so it can be shared with Colleagues who aren’t able to attend. I really appreciate the time and effort that our Company leaders put into the Colleague Connection meetings. Knowing the Company’s priorities helps me understand the direction we’re going and helps set priorities for the work that I do. How important is it to you to have transparent leadership in the company where you work?

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