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Process Improvement at AF

August 31, 2015 05:55 AM

Jon H., software developer, and Brandi C., fraud analyst Jon H., software developer, and Brandi C., fraud analyst[/caption] At American Fidelity we continually look for ways to improve our process and our work. Whether it’s through a specific system or Colleague training, we are focused on providing the best experience we can for our Customers. One of the best tools we use at AFA for process improvement is Lean. Lean organizations maximize value while minimizing waste. Through our process improvement tools, our Contract Services team has gone from needing three days to set a plan to now only needing two and a half hours! That gives this team a gain of 38 days to now focus on other projects and serve our Customers much faster. Another aspect of process improvement is making sure the Colleagues doing the work have input on changes being made. With the implementation of a new Policy Administration system, we’ve done just that. These are just a few examples of American Fidelity being always future-oriented and keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our Customers.

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