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Prepare Now for Severe Weather

March 20, 2014 02:45 AM
93886012 Whether you live in tornado alley, hurricane central or earthquake valley, don’t get caught unaware. American Fidelity helps Customers plan for times of crisis, so we want to help our readers and Colleagues plan ahead too. Take these precautions to protect you and your family in case of severe weather.
  • Create a plan.
    • Tornados do not wait until you are at home to strike, so make sure to prepare for all scenarios. Do you know who would pick up your kids at school or how your kids would leave school on their own? Where will you meet them, if you cannot reach your house? What would you do if the storm hit during the night?
  • Purchase a weather radio.
    • These are usually available at stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s Walmart, Target and Radio Shack for $25-30. Keep a back-up battery on hand and replace batteries annually. These radios can keep you informed if you lose power and cell service and can wake you up if a storm crops up during the night.
  • Make a contact list.
    • Cell service sometimes goes down or is greatly reduced during severe weather. How will you contact family members in this case? Consider land lines and social media or email via Wi-Fi or wired internet connection instead of a cell network.
  • Create an emergency kit.
    • Experts recommend having enough food and water on hand for 72 hours without electricity. Make sure to always have several days’ worth of medication and a first aid kit available. A generator can be a good way to keep some items running, but ensure you understand the safety regulations before using one.
  • Remember your pets.
    • Keep carriers and a portable food and water supply handy to take to the shelter with you.
  • Review your work’s emergency plan.
    • American Fidelity’s provides severe weather plans for our Colleagues. Check with your company to see what your plan should be if a disaster hits while you’re at work.
The Red Cross provides several types of emergency kits and supplies for people to purchase. Check them out to help you get started! Does your company help you plan for disasters? What would you like to see them do differently?

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