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Performance Management at American Fidelity

February 29, 2016 08:08 AM

Kimberly B., Performance Management and Recruiting SpecialistKimberly B., Performance Management and Recruiting Specialist

At American Fidelity, we’ve worked hard to develop a culture of performance. That means we encourage an environment where Colleagues feel comfortable discussing their performance with their managers and vice versa. It also means we strive to do our best both in developing the skills needed for our jobs and in living our culture.

We’re also working to live our brand by making things simpler, both for our Colleagues and our Customers. One new way we’re working toward this goal is by changing our performance review process.

We’ve moved to a common date performance review process to simplify reviews. Everyone now has the same due date on their reviews. We’ve also streamlined the review itself by reducing it from up to 10 questions down to one question and two open comment areas! We are also implementing a six-month check-in review and encourage Colleagues to meet with their managers regularly to discuss their performance.

Our review process begins with a self-assessment that each Colleague completes to evaluate their own performance. This is where Colleagues can share their successes from the year, make suggestions for areas where they need to improve and develop growth plans.

We use a performance matrix to make it easy for both managers and Colleagues to see the potential increase based on their current salary and performance level. In addition, all Colleagues have access to the full list of salary grades available so that their potential salary range is transparent.

If you’re considering a position with us, what questions do you have about our performance management process? Let us know in the comments!

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