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Partnering with KMGL to Honor Teachers

September 30, 2013 02:45 AM

Tutoring When I look back on my life, a number of teachers stand out in my memory. There are several who encouraged me along the way and taught me to chase my dreams. Now, I’m thankful for the wonderful educators in my children’s lives who instill a love of reading, science and history. I trust those teachers to take care of my children when I’m not around. My appreciation for teachers knows no bounds, and I’m thrilled that American Fidelity works with Magic 104 radio to recognize the efforts of teachers in Oklahoma. Each week during the school year, a new teacher is highlighted. And, Colleagues from American Fidelity are the ones who get to record the radio spots touting their achievements. It’s a great way for us to get involved in saluting those wonderful teachers who are shaping the coming generation. Visit the KMGL Magic 104 website to learn more about some of the teachers who have been honored so far. And while you’re there, nominate a fantastic teacher you know who is making a difference in the classroom. What are some of your favorite teacher memories?

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