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Optimize Your Resume

January 15, 2014 02:21 AM


I and the other recruiters at American Fidelity spend hours each week reviewing resumes to determine who to interview or pass along to a hiring manager. With all of those resumes coming in, we have to quickly evaluate each one to see if it’s worth a closer look. We also use LinkedIn and other resume sites to find candidates based on our keyword searches. You can boost your chances of landing an interview by optimizing your resume.

  • Use bullet points. Most recruiters will scan your resume quickly the first time, so make it easy for them to see the main points right away. To avoid formatting issues, you can use a text hyphen instead of graphics.
  • Review keywords. What words appear often in the job postings you’re interested in? Use those words on your resume when posting it in online databases or on LinkedIn. Those are likely the words recruiters will use to find candidates.
  • Keep it simple. AFA, like many companies, uses an applicant tracking system to help manage the hiring process. When uploading your resume to these systems, your resume will look better if you stick to the basics. Fancy fonts, images, shading, special characters and text boxes often don’t import correctly and can leave your resume looking messy or missing information.
  • Stick with standard section headers. Applicant tracking systems look for matching sections, so use basic section headers such as “Work Experience,” “Education” and “Skills” instead of more creative options such as “Career Achievements” or “Areas of Excellence.”
  • Customize your resume. When applying for a specific position, use words from the job posting. These keywords will help demonstrate at a glance that you have right skills for the job.
  • Include your contact information. Make sure it’s listed on each page of your resume and is included in the application if completing an online application. Don’t make it difficult for recruiters to contact you!

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