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New Office Space Embraces New Work Concepts

April 3, 2013 03:09 AM

american fidelityThis fall, my fellow Colleagues and I will begin moving into a new headquarters location, and we’re really excited about the possibilities!

The new location just a few miles northeast of our current Home Office will be worlds apart in office design. We’re breaking down the barriers – literally – between management and other Colleagues by abandoning the offices that kept us separated.

The new space will embrace the new concepts of working collaboratively and promoting equality. But it won’t be a “cube farm,” either. We can’t wait to see how each floor and department configures their space to best meet their working needs, but we know we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.

While many workspaces will be assigned to individuals, we’re taking advantage of increased technological capabilities that also will allow anyone with a laptop to work virtually anywhere on the campus.

Is it 75 degrees and gorgeous outside? We can take laptops to the patio to complete some paperwork. Do we need to work together with a group? Collaboration spaces will make it easy for everyone to get together, maybe at tall tables to stand, or in areas with couches to get comfortable. Colleagues working from home will be able to attend meetings by video. And if it’s peace and quiet we need to hit a deadline or conduct research, there will be spaces for that, too.

Of course, just because there will be few offices in the new building doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice privacy. Conference rooms to fit all group sizes will be scattered throughout. Sound-masking technology will ensure we can’t overhear our neighbors in the next workstation.

With all the new bells and whistles planned for the new building, I can hardly wait to move! Can I go in the first group?

What’s your favorite part of an open-concept workspace?

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