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New Hires I Featuring a Customer Service Colleague

March 27, 2014 02:06 AM
Kristin Olbert Since our last new hires post our recruiters have added 15 talented Colleagues to the American Fidelity team. Nine of these Colleagues are working in field sales with seven in our American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES) division and two in the Association Worksite Division (AWD). The other six new Colleagues are working at the Home Office in Oklahoma City. Kristin Olbert is one of our new hires and she is working as a Customer service representative in AWD. She works specifically on the billing team and has been familiarizing herself with the processes and procedures performed by her team. I asked Kristin what she likes about working at AFA and this is what she said. “I love all of the employee perks we get at American Fidelity. AFA really does strive to be a great place to work. The atmosphere is so positive and the morale between Colleagues, team leaders and upper management is always high. It really seems like people actually like coming to work!” Help me welcome Kristin and our other new Colleagues by leaving a comment.
  • Joseph Andreas: Sales
  • Pebble Arrick: Sales
  • Carla Delano: Customer Service
  • William Gabrielli: Sales
  • Robert Gonse: ISD
  • Troy Goodban: Sales
  • Michael Goodfriend: Sales
  • Erin Gutzman: Sales
  • Nick Kattelman: Sales
  • Kelli McCool: Annuity Services
  • Kurt Novak: Sales
  • Elda Ochoa: Customer Service
  • Jennifer Orr: Benefits
  • Sergio Tolossa: Sales
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