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New Hires at AFA: Intern Season

May 29, 2015 03:18 AM
career_fair The past month has been another busy one for American Fidelity recruiters. We’ve made 27 additions to our team, and nine of those are interns. Our newly hired interns are working in Customer Service, IT, Benefits, Talent Management and Corporate Management. Check out our past blog posts to find out why you should intern at AFA, how to land an internship with impact and get some advice from our recruiters. American Fidelity has two current intern positions open. We are looking for an IT intern and a claims adjuster intern. If you’re interested, submit your resume today. Help me welcome all of our new hires by commenting!
  • Akash Bangalore Krishnamurthy (intern): ISD
  • Whitney Bergen: Benefits
  • Kevin Blosser (intern): ISD
  • Elizabeth Dahl (intern): Corporate Management
  • Jennifer Godinez: ISD
  • Arron Hackler (intern): ISD
  • Franchesca Henderson (intern): Benefits
  • Richard Hill: Sales
  • Seth Holdsworth: Sales
  • Tess Jenkins: Benefits
  • Jennifer Kinneberg (intern): Talent Management
  • Rene Maxey: Sales
  • Teryan Newman: Sales
  • Jason Palmer: ISD
  • Emily Pham (intern): ISD
  • Thomas Saffell: Sales
  • Sydney Sammons: Benefits
  • Chrystal Sprowl: Benefits
  • Reagan Steele (intern): Customer Service
  • Jeremy Stevens: Customer Service
  • James Tchalemian: Sales
  • Ben Tinius: Risk Management
  • Diana Wiley (intern): Benefits
  • Susan Wilson: Online Enrollment
  • Xavier Wilson: Online Enrollment
  • Bethany Wyatt: Sales
  • Dione Young: Sales
Check out our Home Office openings and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process. Apply at AFA and share with your friends!

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