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New Hires at AFA I Featuring a Customer Service Colleague

July 24, 2014 02:15 AM
Davis Fraser1 I’m excited to share that our Company just keeps growing! Not far behind last month, American Fidelity has hired 33 new Colleagues. Our sales force makes up almost half of these new hires, with 15 new faces joining our teams across the country. The other 18 new Colleagues have joined us at the Home Office in Oklahoma City. I sat down with new Customer Service Colleague Davis Fraser to learn a little about his position at AFA. Here’s what he had to say. “I chose American Fidelity because I heard great things about the work environment and the benefits from current employees,” Davis said. He also has an insurance degree and having the opportunity to move into the field was a big reason he chose AFA. “I love the relaxed work environment. My manager trusts me to complete my job duties.” I asked Davis for one piece of advice for job seekers and he says, “It’s okay to be picky. Ask questions and remember the interview is a chance not only for the employer to see if you’re a match for them, but for you to see if they are a match for you. Help me welcome Davis and our other new hires by commenting!
  • Anthony Andrews: ISD
  • Mounir Berrada: ISD
  • Shamere Brown: Customer Service
  • Joseph Charron: Annuities
  • Jonathan Cooper: Sales
  • Nicholas Dial: Sales
  • Mercedes Douglas: Sales
  • Angeles Espinoza: Life
  • John Finley: Sales
  • Octavio Gonzalez: ISD
  • Jeffrey Grimsley: Sales
  • Colton Herrod (intern): ISD
  • Jennifer Holmes: Customer Service
  • Christopher Jones: Sales
  • Kellie Ledbetter: Sales
  • Rhonda McKnight: Customer Service
  • Peter Morse: Sales
  • Christine O’Kelley: Sales
  • Jonathan Perez: ISD
  • Karen Plath: Sales
  • Daryl Prater: Sales
  • Christopher Rogers: ISD
  • Daveia Strachan- Price: Benefits
  • Adam Taylor: Actuarial Resources
  • Justin Thomas: ISD
  • Laurice Thompson: Imaging
  • Sharon Valdez: Sales
  • Michael Wedel: Sales
  • Diana Wiley (intern): Benefits
  • Christopher Wilkinson: Sales
  • Laura Winstead: Customer Service
  • Zachary Ziembo: Sales
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