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New Hires at AFA | Featuring a Corporate Marketing and Communications Colleague

January 21, 2015 10:20 AM
Austin Tackett A new year brings many new faces to the American Fidelity team. We are delighted to welcome 30 new Colleagues to our Home Office in Oklahoma City, as well as nine new account managers located across the country. This month, I sat down with our new corporate marketing and communications specialist, Austin Tackett, to learn more about why he decided to make AFA his new home. “I wanted to work for AFA because I admire how much care and respect they give their Colleagues.  I also love how stable and modern they are,” Austin said. After working in the communications industry for eight years, Austin was ready to seek out new opportunities that could advance his career. “AFA provides me with a host of new challenges and widens the scope of my previous communications duties in a growing industry,” Austin said. “I knew there was no better place for me.” If you are interested in joining our team, check out our job openings. Apply now! & Help me in welcoming Austin and our other new hires by commenting below.
  • Stephanie Hopewell: Sales
  • Eric Martinez:  Services
  • Joseph Peters: Customer Service
  • Elvis Beccera: Sales
  • Sabrina Hall: Customer Service
  • Christina Marcy: Flex
  • Candice Pierce: Total Rewards
  • Harpreet Sandhanwalia: Sales
  • Jason Bugg: Sales
  • Danielle Damiano: Flex
  • Crystal Thomas: Benefits
  • Talitha Banks: Benefits
  • Justin Elam: Information Services
  • Cameron Lott: Annuity Services
  • Cody Baker: Customer Service
  • Antonio Cotton: Benefits
  • Daniel Gonzalez: Benefits
  • Alisha Milligan: Flex Services
  • Christian Espinosa: Sales
  • Ronnie Cartwright: Sales
  • Bobbie Goettman: Benefits
  • Randall Hallman: Sales
  • Christopher Price: Sales
  • Alma Khatib: Benefits
  • Austin Tackett: Corporate Communications
  • Richard Walker: Strategic Quality Management
  • Michael Zaun: Sales
  • Jessica Frier: Consulting
  • Matthew Wentzel: Internal Audit
  • Joel Bryant: Information Services
  • Molly Fitzgerald (Intern): Talent Management
  • Jacqueline Barbee (Intern): Information Systems
  • Gill Cerros (Intern): Information Systems
  • Emily Gose (Intern): Corporate Communications
  • Tyler Jones (Intern): Information Systems
  • Ampivanh Siharat (Intern): Total Rewards
  • Jeremy Droscher (Intern): Information Systems
  • Regina Bockus (Intern): Actuarial Resources
  • Shelby Syed (Intern): Marketing

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