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New Hires at AFA (3)

August 27, 2015 03:09 AM

American Fidelity Values In the past month we have hired 26 new Colleagues and a large number of those are field Colleagues. Two of those have joined our Associate Worksite Division (AWD) and 15 are part of American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES). The nine other new hires are working at our Home Office in Oklahoma City. Help me welcome our new hires by commenting!

  • Stephen Anthis: Sales
  • Christopher Bentley: Sales
  • Adam Bramble: Sales
  • Erin Carroll (intern): ISD Services
  • Michael Christensen: Sales
  • Jeannine Daugherty: Sales
  • Amy Durham: Sales
  • Aimee Freeman: ISD Services
  • Lisa Fry: Life Operations
  • Sarah Gauthier: Sales
  • Cassandra Good: ISD Project Management
  • Jeffrey Hammond: Sales
  • Anthony Hilaire: Sales
  • Scott Jones: Sales
  • Nathan Juarez: ISD Services
  • Candra McQueen: Customer Service
  • Elvia Ortiz: Benefits
  • Zachary Parr: Sales
  • Jason Rosenberg: Sales
  • Rock Scholten: Sales
  • Brenda Scott: Sales
  • Douglas Smitherman: Sales
  • Michael Stradford: Sales
  • James Thornton: ISD Services
  • Kimberly Walker: Sales
  • Jaime Worden: Benefits

Check out a day in the life of an account rep. Interested in joining one of our field teams? Look through our field sales openings and apply. Not what you’re looking for? Be sure to check out our OKC positions and learn about our hiring process.

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