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New Hires at AF (2)

November 27, 2013 01:30 AM

resumewriting Since we have a short week with the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I could announce our most recent new hires a little early. Over the past month American Fidelity has hired 22 new Colleagues to help serve our Customers. In our field sales areas, we have four new hires and the rest of our new team members are here at the OKC Home Office. Help me welcome these Colleagues by leaving a comment!

  • Brandon Cook (intern): Information Services
  • Brittany Keppinger (intern): Benefits
  • Caitlin Tomlinson: Customer Service
  • Delissa Payne: Corporate Management
  • Frederick Gaston: Information Software
  • Jonathan Fasking (intern): Information Systems
  • Kim Johnson: Risk Management
  • Kristin Owen: Benefits
  • Larissa Rhodes: Marketing
  • Lisa Lotter: Flex Administration
  • Mary Jo Shepherd: General Agency
  • Michelle Ealy: Benefits
  • Peter Nguyen: Information Systems
  • Sunnee Jones: Benefits
  • Tammy Collie: Benefits
  • Thanh Huyhn: Customer Service
  • Tyler Francis: Risk Management
  • Zachary Dilworth: Strategic Quality Management

Did you notice we have hired three new interns also? Check out this recent post about interning in software development and watch this video on internships in general at AFA! If you’re interested in an internship, send your resume to our recruiters today. Looking for a full-time position? Check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions.

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