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New Hires at AF

October 22, 2015 03:00 AM

Jamie O., Workforce Development Jamie O., Workforce Development[/caption] Over the past month 20 new faces have joined us at American Fidelity. American Fidelity Educational Services (AFES) hired four new account managers and two senior account managers while the Association Worksite Division (AWD) has one new account manager. At the Home Office in Oklahoma City, we have 13 new Colleagues. Welcome our new Colleagues with a comment!

  • Gilley Aguilar: Creative Services
  • Megan Clifford: Enterprise Data
  • Burlon Glover: Sales
  • Oma Haidarzada: Sales
  • Stephen Hartman: Project Development
  • Jennifer Herron: Internal Audit
  • David Hurte: Mail
  • Janelle Kiefer: Sales
  • Nicolette Lunkenheimer: Sales Convention
  • Daniel Maloney: FMS
  • Lori Masterson: Domestic Joint Ventures
  • Jacob Medlock: Sales
  • Donna Miller: Law
  • Helen Nicholson: Law
  • Vladislav Portniaguine: FMS
  • Laura Roberto: Sales
  • Bree Russow: Sales
  • Patricia Salce: Sales
  • Taycee Seibold: Investments
  • Standlee Yost: Sales

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