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New Hires at AF (1)

November 30, 2015 01:36 AM

American Fidelity Values When things get busy around the holidays, you might think that not as many people are job searching and not as many jobs are actually open. While that may be true to some extent, American Fidelity is still hiring; in the past month we’ve added 23 Colleagues to our team. Of those 23, seven are working in Sales while the other 16 Colleagues are at our Home Office. Just in the past month we’ve hired five Colleagues to work on our Benefits team. Learn about working in Benefits at American Fidelity from our own Colleagues. Welcome our new team members!

  • Elizabeth Bernal: Benefits
  • Kent Borgman: Sales
  • Anthony Clark: ISD Services
  • Brian Eacret: Sales
  • Luke Ennis: Customer Engagement
  • Clay Farless: Sales
  • Daniel Gonzalez: Customer Engagement
  • Monica Hayes: Benefits
  • Sarah Himes: Benefits
  • Erin Kreisler: Billing
  • Taiye Lawrence (intern): ISD Services
  • Justin Lewis: Sales
  • Sheleka Luper: Imaging
  • Jennifer Meinke: Billing
  • Amyia Perkins: Benefits
  • Jon Price: Sales
  • Katy Sharber: Special Services
  • Susan Sharp: Benefits
  • David Smith: ISD Services
  • David Thurston: Sales
  • Dylan Tollett: Consulting
  • Jeremy Trenary: Sales
  • Riley Young (intern): Customer Engagement

Check out American Fidelity’s OKC job openings and our field sales positions today. Learn about our hiring process and share our openings with your network!

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