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New Hires at AF 11-4-16

November 4, 2016 01:39 PM

American Fidelity hired 21 new Colleagues in the month of October. Ten of our new hires are working in field offices around the country and the other 11 are at our home office in Oklahoma City. Welcome our new Colleagues!

  • Chris Able: Annuities

  • Ruth Alejo: Customer Engagement

  • Taryn Buchanan: Benefits

  • Shaedon Castor (intern): Customer Engagement

  • Lauren Dunn: Sales

  • Russell Hardin: ISD Services

  • Katherine Haynes: Sales

  • Tim Hunnicutt: Sales

  • Julie James: Sales

  • Belle Lee: Sales

  • Brian Levake: Sales

  • Derrick Linville: Benefits

  • Robin Mayes: Special Services

  • Dan McCloud: Sales

  • Christine McKinnis: Sales

  • Stacey Peelman: Worxtime

  • Allison Rathgeber: Customer Engagement

  • Sue Schlunegger: Sales

  • Terri Schweiss: Sales

  • Malic Simpson: Imaging Services

  • Toyia Wells: Special Services

Job Openings and Hiring Process

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