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National Immunization Month

August 15, 2013 05:20 AM

Lauren Fletcher1 August is the perfect time to recognize National Immunization Awareness Month. With school starting back, it’s a great time to promote getting vaccines and to remind family, friends and co-workers to get themselves and their families caught up on vaccines.  So, what’s this have to do with American Fidelity? It’s another one of our great perks – an onsite medical clinic, Saints On Site (SOS). AFA Colleagues have the benefit of being able to visit the doctor right here at work. Just a walk down the hall and Colleagues can get their annual checkups, have blood drawn for testing, get prescriptions and even receive immunizations. For many of our Colleagues this is a benefit that helps them live healthier lives each day. “Being able to walk a couple of minutes down the hall and get my allergy shots is amazing,” says Colleague Leilani Gradle. “If it weren’t for SOS I would have to drive 20 minutes, get my shots, wait a while and then drive another 20 minutes back to the office – which I just wouldn’t be able to do twice a week. Thanks AFA for another awesome benefit that allows me to have a healthier life!” Activities throughout the month focus on encouraging people to protect their health with immunizations. This year, each week focuses on a different theme.  

Are your children up to date on their immunizations and ready to head back to school? If you’re unsure, check out this recommended immunization schedule from the Centers for Disease Control.

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