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Moving Along, Giving Colleagues Options

July 27, 2015 04:51 AM

CafeDesigns American Fidelity’s Financial Management Services (FMS) division is preparing for their big move to our 9000 Broadway location next week! These Colleagues have been preparing by cleaning up their areas and packing their things. In past posts I’ve talked about how the Company has allowed Colleagues to have input on the new building. Teams were put together, made up of non-manager representatives from each department, to design floors based on Colleague input. Colleagues have been able to choose things from what type of workstation they will have to the color scheme of their floor. Just recently Colleagues were also asked to give their input by voting on the design for our new café. Two options were given and the winning design is bright and bold! Our Colleagues will also get to vote on the name of our new café. American Fidelity truly cares about our Colleagues and wants them to have a working environment that they enjoy. That’s why it’s been important for Colleagues to have input on decisions being made for our new location. Are you interested in joining our team? Check out our Home Office openings in OKC and our field sales positions and learn about our hiring process.

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