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Meet Our Recruiters (1)

June 18, 2015 04:02 AM
In addition to our recruiters Alejandra and Kim, we have two other Colleagues who also assist with recruiting. Learn more about them and how they can help you find your dream position at American Fidelity. JoAnn Capers JoAnn Capers JoAnn has 20 years of HR experience and joined American Fidelity in 2007. She currently serves as a performance management and recruiting specialist. Outside of work she has a daughter attending the University of Oklahoma, so she and her husband now spend a lot of time with their four-legged babies, Fred and Polly, who are beyond spoiled rotten! Both are rescues. Fred is a boxer and Polly is her own special breed of “anyone’s guess.” The family enjoys spending time at the lake during the summer. JoAnn is always seeking candidates with good customer service skills and compassion for others. She regularly recruits for our Customer Service team. Jamie Owings Jamie Owings Jamie started helping with the recruiting function at American Fidelity a little more than three years ago. As a career development specialist, her main job function is to help current Colleagues grow their careers. She realized that having first-hand knowledge of what managers look for in candidates would be beneficial, so she began assisting them during the recruiting process. Jamie holds a bachelor’s degree in training and development and previously served as a training specialist in our Training department. She also holds a master’s degree in adult education. Outside of work Jamie enjoys spending time with her family and helps coach her niece’s U-10 soccer team. Job Openings Interested in joining the AFA family? Apply today!

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